[launch] seven room architectural design · Hu Lei & Mr. Liu Xing | Yan – private kitchen for 900 square meters state banquet in Xi’an

They gather together because of their common design ideal — let the design return to nature! Qijian is committed to studying the application and innovation of Chinese culture in architectural space, adhering to the “international thinking and research Valley, Meiwei and Oriental Aesthetics”, expressing the design concept with personalized and unique visual language, and interpreting Chinese cultural elements with brand-new visual communication.

My guests are enjoying the scenery…

” Decomposition module stereo module project plan building facade ProjectName | project name | location of Mr.

[said the designer] “The design idea of this case is to create a quiet and winding path, where diners can find a private and comfortable place to sit leisurely.

Each space has a sense of breathing.

Inch craftsman – Design voice for young people.

The beautiful scenery of Yanming Lake outside the doors and windows is a natural decoration.

The company is composed of a group of young designers with different personalities.

The arc space is connected with the gray mirror above, and the whole space becomes more three-dimensional.

Yan’s private kitchen for state banquet | project address | Xi’an area, China | project area: 600 M2 indoor, Outdoor terrace 295 ㎡ chief designer | main designer Hu Lei Liu Xing design company | seven architectural design designer team of designer company | participating designer Hu Lei Liu Xing Tao Qian fan Junhao | design material crystal brick metal texture paint terrazzo wood photography | photographer Yang Lei text / picture: seven architectural design picture adjustment editing / typesetting: Designer Introduction designer Hu Lei, designer Liu Xing [design concept] research and exploration is the most powerful tool for design, because each project has its special background culture.

Go south along Chanhe West Road and turn right after Yanming Lake.

In terms of space presentation, arc segmentation, natural material texture and appropriate lighting are adopted to create a sense of fluidity and tilt of space, I also want to create a sense of lightness and elegance.

The island shaped moving line is smooth and ventilated, and the wind blows through the corridor.

The delicious food is slowly spreading out in Mr.

The scenery is light and transparent step by step.

On the one hand, the natural scenery is beautiful.

In the space, light is another language instead of the designer’s silent expression of the rhythm and beauty of the space, and diners, as Experiencers, can immerse themselves in the relationship between food and the sense of light – creation Scenery · internal and external linkage: there are not too many ornaments and decorations in the whole space.

The company mainly provides design brands with the purpose of high-end design services.

The indoor and outdoor linkage is particularly close.

Ring Clutch

The simple text signs in the room also highlight the aesthetic quality of traditional culture, such as flying south, thinking in autumn, singing in green language, double shadow The romance coming from ancient poetry fills the space.

The French humanistic stroll naturally creates scenery.

Xi’an Qijian Architectural Design Engineering Co., Ltd (purespacedesign) was established in Xi’an, China in 2010.

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As a French creative restaurant, Mr.

As soon as you look up, you can see the Yanming Restaurant Among them, the designer uses the design method of opening and closing to divide the interior into independent and closely related flow spaces in the fixed space with limited floor height.

The more special geographical location allows you to see the drizzle and wet outside from every angle, Idle flowers fall to the ground and wild geese sing, The original purpose of this case was to transform the low and narrow space of the old garage, which made the designer spend more careful thinking to make the wall hang in the air.

The warm metal of the glass brick is very like the first-time love between lovers.

Yan’s space.

On the basis of research, it is committed to the positive interaction between space and experience, details, materials, shape and lighting, rather than simple modular design.

From every corner, the winding paths and secluded places on the design layout have a sense of privacy of quiet coexistence and beautiful light and shadow, This case is located on the Bank of Yanming Lake.

The transparent space matched with the glass brick seems to form a boundary, which not only connects the outside scenery, but also whispers to anyone Light · immersion light guides the mood and creates an atmosphere.

The natural atmosphere of the space flows in every corner of the design.

Yanming lakeside · compose an aesthetic poem Qujiang / Yanming lakeside a building is composing a style of delicious food and beautiful scenery.

While feeling the elegant ritual feeling of French style, they can also enjoy the traditional way of high-grade Chinese food.

The light of the lake flows with the wave light.

Each comfortable and independent card seat private room can feel the baptism of temperature.

On the other hand, the romantic fireworks designer starts from the door and extends the metal material to every part of the space.

The metal lattice fan surrounds it The space is divided completely and independently, but the matching glass brick adds more soft and looming light, which seems to capture the emotions of more diners.

Feel the breath of nature.

As a creative restaurant full of French romance, the low saturation space makes the designer have higher requirements for the sense of light.

The gentle time and the collision between youth and design make the whole space brilliant and sublimated – dream · linkage – a circle around the space along the corridor bridge.

You can see a bright French castle building with its back against the green tableland.

Yan innovates Shaanxi cuisine to the extreme, and the simple Shaanxi cuisine series will also be exquisite and romantic At the beginning of the lantern, the evening wind and the evening scenery appear at the same time.


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