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Bookkeeping requires clear, accurate and timely writing, daily and monthly settlement of accounts, and accurate and timely preparation of statements; 5.

Familiar with procurement process, good communication ability, negotiation ability and cost awareness; 3.

Familiar with operating financial software, Excel, Word and other office software; 4.

Post: one wine keeper, salary: no less than 3000 yuan Work address: near the National Fitness Square, Rencheng District Post responsibilities: 1.

Implement and improve the cost reduction and control plan; 4.

Be responsible for keeping the goods and environment in the warehouse clean, tidy and sanitary; 3.

Familiar with computer office software operation; 3.

Other matters assigned by the department head.

College degree or above, accounting or financial management major; 2.

Working hours: 8:00 p.m.


Be responsible for making, confirming, arranging delivery and tracking the arrival date of the purchase order; 3.

Job requirements: 1.

Can drive.

Work conscientiously and have a correct attitude; 6.

Careful work, strong sense of responsibility, quick thinking, and strong team spirit; 4.

Fill in relevant procurement forms; 5.

Be responsible for numbering and binding bookkeeping vouchers; Save and file financial related data and issue bills; 6.

Responsible for in-store material procurement.

Be responsible for registering cash and bank deposit journals and accurately entering them into the system, and preparing bank deposit balance reconciliation tables on time; 5.

Have good professional ethics and quality.

Post: 1 cashier, salary: no less than 3000 yuan Post responsibilities: 1.

Check the basic account of the office; 3.

Be responsible for the management and verification of daily income and expenditure; 2.

Foot Mounted Anchor


Job requirements: 1.

– around 4:00 a.m.

Be responsible for the custody and filing of relevant documents; 4.

Technical secondary school or above; 2.

Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

Be responsible for paying employees’ wages; 7.

Contact: Teacher Zheng Tel.: 152697806690537-2718698 Detailed address: Fengyuan Smart Building, 150 meters west of Huancui Road, Liying Street, Rencheng District..

This position is the post of the trading company subordinate to the group company, mainly for the storage and storage management of liquor warehouse.

Other work arranged by the leader; Working hours: 09:00-18:00 Five insurance single leave post requirements: 1.

Responsible for daily wine warehousing, warehousing, stacking, storage, inventory, reconciliation, etc.

At least 1 year of cashier work experience; 3.

Warehouse data statistics, archiving, accounting and system data input; 5.

Technical secondary school or above; 2.

Responsible for collecting and reviewing the original vouchers, and ensuring the legality and accuracy of the reimbursement procedures and original documents; 4.

in the wine warehouse; 2.

Can work night shift.


Understand national financial policies, accounting and tax regulations, and be familiar with bank settlement business.

Position: 1 purchaser Salary: no less than 3000 yuan Position responsibilities: 1.


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