[jianjiantong] there is too much pain because there is not enough wisdom

  In the complicated affairs of the world, only with great pattern and wisdom can we look down on the ups and downs of the world and not be disturbed by worry and pain.

  The greatest honor and happiness are deep in the heart, not determined by material or status, but by one’s wisdom and realm.

  Some people say: there is no major event other than life and death.

  People live a lifetime, it is impossible to be satisfied with everything, it is enough not to owe others and not to wrong themselves.

This is the big picture.

  When the world tried hard to squeeze up for the inner desire, Chuang Tzu put down calmly, threw down the fame, profit, power and potential, walked lighter and lighter, and returned the heavy body to zero again.

Chuang Tzu, however, seemed to be indifferent to life and death.

Architectural media ID: jianzhong001 there is a saying: when you look down from the 80th floor, it is full of beautiful scenery; But when you look down from the second floor, it may be all rubbish.

Why ask for more?   Wealth and longevity, food and clothes are not necessary conditions for happiness.

They lose by looking at them more.

  Ink drops in a glass of water, the water will become dirty; Ink drops in the ocean, but the ocean is not affected at all.

Wisdom is enough to seek wealth and goods; To seek liberation, we must cultivate wisdom.

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  Zhuangzi said to his disciples: I take heaven and earth as the coffin, the sun and moon as the wall, the stars as the pearls, and all things as gifts.

  When you stand on the 100th floor and someone scolds you, you can’t hear or see.

  People with a big pattern look inward and correct their hearts, rather than focusing on other people’s mistakes and asking for trouble.

  Pain and trouble come from unreasonable desire.

  Lao Tzu believes that pain comes from the indulgence of desire.

  Zhuangzi’s great wisdom is that he can eliminate the most hidden desires in people’s hearts.

The pattern is too small.

If the pattern is large, there will be less troubles.

You can’t hear clearly.

Therefore, don’t have too much desire to be a man, don’t ask too high, and don’t pay too much attention to comparison.

He’s calm.

It pollutes your heart and has no impact on you.

  In Chuang Tzu’s free and unfettered journey, the twig and the learning dove show off to the ROC that they can shuttle freely through the branches of a big tree.

  The disciple was afraid that Zhuang Zi’s body would be destroyed by birds and animals after his death, but Zhuang Zi said: it’s wrong to eat birds and kites at the top and ants at the bottom? There is a Western proverb: there are no pockets on the shroud.

You think he’s greeting you.

  You stand on the tenth floor and someone scolds you.

  When the pattern is big, it doesn’t mean how many things you see clearly, but how many things you despise.

Spherical Head Anchor

  How can a person who sits in a well and watches the sky experience the vastness of the world?   Dapeng and Beihai Ruo don’t care about learning from doves and Hebo.

  Wisdom makes a man rich, and wisdom makes a man happy.

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  To be a man, we should have a broad heart, measurement and pattern, so that we can live freely and live comfortably.

  How can you appreciate the vast expanse of Mirs spreading their wings for 90000 miles if you only stare at people within a square inch?   In Chuang Tzu · autumn water, he Bo is complacent and thinks that the beauty of the world is on his side.

  Some people are not worth wasting your effort and words; Some things, ignore is the best way to respond.

   The altar Sutra says that a true monk has never seen the world.

  Zhuangzi · lie yukou tells a story: Zhuangzi is dying and his disciples want to bury him.

When he comes to the North Sea, he knows how childish and ridiculous he is.

  The swearing performance can only be heard and seen by yourself.

  There are too many troubles.

  For example, if you stand on the first floor and someone scolds you, you must be very angry when you hear it.

  If people don’t have height, they see all problems; If people don’t have a pattern, they see nothing.

Too much pain is not enough wisdom   Tao Te Ching: no disaster is greater than discontent, and no blame is greater than desire.

Why don’t I prepare my burial utensils.

Zhuangzi said in Zhile: Zhile has no music, and Zhiyu has no reputation.

  Sex, wealth, fame and wealth, life does not bring, death does not take away, let alone decades of time, is the best gift God has given us.

The pattern is too small   What is the pattern? Pattern is a person’s vision and mind, is the cognitive scope of things.

I don’t like it.

Excessive desire, the more greed in the heart, the heavier the fetters, the more pain and trouble.


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