[jianjiantong] the top student of Tsinghua Architecture Institute took 120 million bribes to build 109 mu of private gardens to meet the

The interior decoration is extremely luxurious, including all kinds of antique paintings and crystal ceilings.

After reading Chen Gang’s story, we should first feel angry, because it is such corrupt elements that make the industry a mess.

However, after Chen Gang was punished, the private garden that violated Beijing’s overall urban planning has been demolished.

Jianzhongtong media ID: jianzhong001on the evening of January 17, the third episode of the five episode TV feature film “zero tolerance” was broadcast, which exposed a large number of details of the money transaction case of Chen Gangquan, former member of the Party group and Secretary of the Secretariat of China Association for science and technology.

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▲ iqiyi: zero tolerance ▲ the garden covers a total area of 109 mu, with a construction area of more than 3000 square meters.

▲ iqiyi: zero tolerance ▲ the architecture designs Chinese quadrangles, western style all glass villas near the water, Japanese courtyards, etc.

It is reported that Chen Gang graduated from the school of architecture of Tsinghua University, majoring in urban planning, with a postgraduate degree, a master of engineering, a senior engineer, and once taught in the school of architecture of Tsinghua University.

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▲ iqiyi: zero tolerance after its completion, Chen Gang often brings his family, friends and businessmen here for leisure and entertainment and indulges in the “high-quality life” space created by himself.

Including “taking 120 million bribes and building 109 Mu private gardens in Huairou, Beijing”.

However, some netizens suggested that it would be a pity for the manor to be demolished if we did not look at the background of the whole thing and only from the perspective of design.

From 2002 to 2014, in order to realize his “design dream”, Chen Gang asked his boss to invest tens of millions of yuan to build a private garden for him in Huairou, Beijing in two phases.

▲ iqiyi: zero tolerance ▲ semi suspended swimming pool, artificial white beach, video room, massage room and other places are also built.


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