[jianjiantong] the high-speed railway bridge erecting machine collapsed, one dead and two injured!

The two tracks must be parallel.

As the first span is in the superelevation section of the bridge curve, the radius of curvature is small, and the center of gravity of the side beam is outward, the bridge erecting machine is unstable and rollover occurs, resulting in a 65 year old site handyman seriously injured and died after ineffective rescue.

When the bridge erecting machine stops working, the power supply shall be cut off to prevent accidents.


Hoisting construction safety management signs and signs shall be set at eye-catching positions, and miscellaneous personnel are strictly prohibited from entering the hoisting operation area.

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on October 2, the earthwork in the pit collapsed during the construction of Heyu road restoration project in Linping District, resulting in the burial of two operators; At about 7:48, the bridge erecting machine collapsed in sunjiaba section 26 of the third pier section of the Hu hang high speed railway in West Lake District, killing one person and injuring two others.

After the lifting is completed, the box girder must be stable, and then start the traveling mechanism of the lifting crown block to make the crown block move forward smoothly with the box girder, and the moving speed shall be slow.

The bridge erecting machine shall not go out of the suspended track.

In case of longitudinal slope, the lifting crown block shall be blocked with wooden wedge, and the site can be cleaned before getting off work.

At about 1:30 a.m.

pedestrians and vehicles are strictly prohibited from passing under the bridge.

Sleepers must be used to erect under the traveling beam moved by the bridge erecting machine in accordance with the “well” frame to ensure that the support pad under the beam is stable, dense and firm without void.

During construction, pay attention to site management, adhere to civilized construction, ensure the safety of personnel, machinery and equipment, carefully do a good job in fire prevention and pay attention to power safety.


After the front outrigger of the bridge erecting machine is supported, sleepers or self-made steel beams shall be used for protection between the support frame and the traveling box.


Accidents of bridge erecting machine in recent years: investigation report on the “7.18” bridge erecting machine collapse of Hanjiang No.


Main machines and tools, electrical appliances, transportation equipment, etc.

When working at heights without protective facilities, safety belts must be fastened.

Safety protection facilities, safety devices, fire-fighting equipment and danger warning signs in hoisting construction and production shall not be removed or moved without authorization.

When the bridge is installed with up and down longitudinal slopes, the longitudinal displacement of the bridge erecting machine shall be prevented from sliding, and the walking wheel of the beam transport flat car shall be protected by wedge iron.

Safety helmets must be worn when entering the construction site.


Before the bridge erecting machine works, the height of the front and middle legs shall be adjusted to make the longitudinal gradient of the main beam of the bridge erecting machine < 1%.

In thunderstorm season, the bridge erecting machine shall be equipped with lightning protection device according to the situation of the construction site.

After each hole passing, carefully check the spacing between the two transverse rails of the bridge erecting machine to ensure that the spacing is consistent, and fix the rails firmly.

Barefoot or slippers and high heels are prohibited.


If it does not meet the requirements, the track shall be adjusted.

The bridge erecting machine is a special equipment for large bridge hoisting.

Personal protective equipment and safety facilities shall be used correctly according to the operation items.

During the through-hole construction of the bridge erecting machine, the safety operation procedures of the bridge erecting machine shall be strictly observed, the process shall not be simplified, and all scattered components shall be bound and fastened.

shall be assigned with machines and personnel, and the shift handover system shall be strictly implemented.


The longitudinal positioning of the bridge erecting machine must be strictly controlled to ensure the smooth installation of the concrete precast beam.


If the bridge erecting machine slides due to mechanical, electrical or misoperation, the wedge shall be immediately inserted between the traveling wheel and the track to prevent the bridge erecting machine from sliding.


A construction accident occurred in the dangerous bridge reconstruction project of S205 Yao e line Jiedu bridge in Leping City, Jingdezhen City, Jiangxi Province   The bridge erecting machine overturned during the moving operation, and the bridge erecting machine has been damaged, resulting in one death.

If problems are found, the work shall be stopped and handled in time before continuing the operation.



At 3 p.m.

The lifting shall be stable and the beam shall be dropped accurately.

In the process of erecting the side beam, the bridge erecting machine shall be particularly careful.


The direct cause of the accident was the improper installation of the steel cylinder support pin shaft of the left front leg of the bridge erecting machine, which gradually withdrew and fell off during the operation of the bridge erecting machine, resulting in the sudden instability, overturning and disassembly of the bridge erecting machine under load.

If they need to be removed or moved, they must be approved by the person in charge of the site in advance, and must be restored to the original state immediately after completion.



After the work every day, the bridge erecting machine must be fixed with chain block.

A comprehensive safety inspection must be conducted for each installation hole.

The traveling wheel of the bridge erecting machine shall be equipped with a wedge.

Wooden wedges shall be used to adjust where the cross slope is unstable.


After entering the site, the bridge erecting machine can be put into use only after the combination acceptance and trial hoisting of the safety department and the acceptance certificate handled by relevant departments.

It is required to be in place at one time and no midway stop is allowed.


On July 21, 2018, during the erection of the first side beam on the left side of the main line 13#-14# pier of Nantong Lot 1 of Hutong Yangtze River bridge connection project, the bridge erecting machine overturned during the moving operation, resulting in the falling of seven 50m T beams under the erection of side beams and 14#-15# piers.

During the installation of bridge erecting machine, attention shall be paid to safety inspection frequently.

The transverse running track of the front and middle legs shall be laid horizontally, and the spacing shall be strictly controlled.

The lifting operation of the lifting crown block and the walking of the box girder shall not be carried out at the same time.

Before construction, safety technical disclosure shall be made to participants, and strict construction organization and preventive measures shall be taken to ensure construction safety.

The accident caused one death and one injury.

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☟☟☟ key points for construction safety control of bridge erecting machine: 1.

Each construction responsibility shall be assigned to each person, and the post and responsibility shall be determined to ensure construction safety.

Mechanical and electrical fault operation is not allowed.


The hoisting operation must be clearly divided and commanded in a unified manner, and full-time commander, full-time operator, full-time electrician and full-time safety inspector shall be set.

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In case of failure of each component and pipeline, it shall be shut down immediately, inspected and repaired by trained full-time technicians, and the operator shall not disassemble without authorization.

The two free ends of the traveling square beam of the gantry of the bridge erecting machine must be provided with retaining iron.

Strictly check the track spacing of longitudinal and transverse beam transportation, and ensure that the track spacing is uniform and fixed firmly.

It is strictly prohibited to operate in severe weather such as rain, snow, fog and strong wind above level 6.



When stopping the operation, the bridge erecting machine and lifting crown block must be stabilized with cables.

A report on the rollover accident of the bridge erecting machine in the dangerous bridge reconstruction project of S205 yaoe line Jiedu bridge by the construction party shows that at the time of the accident, the bridge erecting machine was erecting the left 1-3# side beam of the first hole of the bridge, about 50cm away from the design position of the beam and slab.

All preparations shall be made for the longitudinal movement of the bridge erecting machine.

When the overhead crane of the bridge erecting machine carries the box girder for longitudinal operation, the front outrigger shall be tensioned with the transverse track.

2 Bridge suddenly disintegrated and overturned during operation, resulting in 5 deaths, 4 serious injuries and 3 minor injuries.

During the construction of bridge frame beam and viaduct, safety precautions must be taken under the bridge deck, special personnel shall be assigned to take care of and set warning signs, etc.

The installation operation shall not be overloaded or lifted by inclined crane.

on January 13, 2021, a bridge erecting machine rollover accident occurred in the dangerous bridge reconstruction project of S205 Yao e line Jiedu bridge in Leping City, Jingdezhen City, Jiangxi Province.

2 Bridge in Mianxian County, Shaanxi Province on July 18, 2019, the bridge erecting machine of Hanjiang No.

When the main beam of the bridge erecting machine moves forward longitudinally without load, the longitudinal slope shall be adjusted to be less than 3%.


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