[jianjiantong] the foundation of a project in Fuzhou sank, and the expert opinion was exposed. The design of pipe selection pile caused

According to the data and suggestions provided by geological survey, if pipe pile is used in the project, the soft foundation shall be treated, and the relevant contents of soft foundation treatment are not indicated in the project drawing, The selection of pipe pile does not meet the requirements of Fuzhou on the selection of pile foundation on soft foundation.

The specific reasons shall be subject to the official announcement.

The main responsibility is basically set.

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Before the structural safety appraisal report is issued, the construction unit shall formulate an emergency plan, continuously carry out settlement monitoring, and investigate the dangerous points found affecting the structural safety to ensure the safety of the house.

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It is unknown whether it is related to the round of “optimization” of the gold owner.

High strength prestressed concrete pipe piles are selected for some buildings of the project, The provisions on the selection of pile foundation based on the thickness of soft soil layer in paragraph (5) of Article 2 (several provisions on building structure design in Fujian Province) are not implemented.

It is puzzling that the third-party drawing review organization did not review this problem.

According to the survey report ⑤ – 1, negative friction needs to be considered in the soil layer, and the influence of negative friction is not fully considered when arranging piles for the wall columns of the main building around the side wall of the basement.

The settlement data of a13-01# pile in the static load test report of test pile before pile foundation construction (Report No.: yzjj1800285) is questionable.

In November 2021, Fuzhou Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development issued a notice on the suspension of the use of some buildings of the project: order the project to stop the use and delay the delivery of a12# buildings and P1 buildings, and the construction unit is responsible for organizing the design, construction The supervisor and other parties involved in the construction shall find out the causes of quality problems such as foundation settlement, wall cracking and door and window deformation of the house.


The survey report of a12# building recommends the use of punching (drilling) cast-in-place piles, and the construction drawing documents adopt high-strength prestressed concrete pipe piles.


Many of the original design contents are basically overturned and reconstructed at that stage.

Netizens revealed that the Sanjiangkou area used to be a sea area, and the geology is a soft soil layer dominated by muddy soil.

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On December 31, 2021} at the expert analysis meeting on design documents of quality problems organized by Fuzhou urban and Rural Development Bureau, the expert group formed the following opinions: 1.

It is said that there are local subway stations that have been replaced again and again due to frequent self explosion of glass due to settlement; According to common sense, designers are generally conservative in drawing, which is a professional habit and more to protect themselves; Why do such low-level errors occur in foreign design institutes? Before the commencement of the project, the Top100 developers basically have a standard process called “centralized drawing review”.

These two points alone are enough for the design institute to drink a pot.

The I-shaped pile layout under the shear wall of Building 5 and a13# requires high construction accuracy and is difficult to control in actual construction.


The survey report recommends that if high-strength prestressed pipe piles are used, It is necessary to harden the soft soil layer, and there is no relevant content in the construction drawing documents.

Architectural communication media ID: jianzhong001 the foundation of some main buildings of a commercial housing project in Fuzhou sank and the inclination exceeded the limit, resulting in the main body cracking and the settlement has not stabilized.


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