[jianjiantong] it collapsed in 3 minutes after the fire! Do you dare to be careless about living in such a house on the construction site?

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Why did the color steel plate completely collapse about 3 minutes after the fire A killer of building fires? The core materials of color steel plate mainly include polystyrene, polyurethane and rock wool.

When the color steel plate encounters fire, its strength will decrease rapidly.

Because of its simple construction and low cost, it is widely used for temporary houses on the construction site of construction projects.

Polystyrene sandwich color steel plate is widely used in buildings, which intensifies the fire, spreads rapidly and burns violently; The elderly have no ability to move independently and cannot save themselves in time, resulting in heavy casualties.

3 toxic gas is generated, which is easy to cause casualties.

Tragic case of color steel plank house fire accident: [case 1] in the early morning of March 21, 2015, a fire broke out on the pavement of Guojianglong logistics company in Xingning District, Nanning, Guangxi, covering an area of 700 m2.

A large amount of high temperature smoke will be generated when the color steel plate sandwich material is burned, so that the building will be filled with smoke and accumulate a large amount of heat in a short time.

The experiment shows that the combustion speed of color steel plank house is amazing.

If the type of core material cannot be confirmed, the core material shall be sent to a testing unit with corresponding qualification for combustion performance testing.

It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength and convenient installation.

Inflammable color steel plates are illegally used to build offices and houses in the fire warehouse, because disorderly pulling wires in the house is an important cause of fire! [case 2] at about 20:00 on May 25, 2015, a fire broke out in an apartment for the elderly in Lushan County, Henan Province.

The color steel plate structure building is relatively closed.

[case three] at 17:19 on February 19, 2021, fire broke out in a store building in the middle part of Anyang Road, which was built with bubble colored steel plates and illegally built.

The color steel components are very easy to be distorted and deformed by high temperature, resulting in large-area collapse of the building.

23 store warehouses and internal building materials, equipment and mail logistics were set on fire, and the direct property loss was as high as 8.959 million yuan.

After the fire, polystyrene, polyurethane foam and other flammable materials not only burn fast, but also produce a large number of toxic and harmful gases, thereby endangering the safety of people’s lives.

1 high temperature smoke accumulation makes fire fighting difficult.

Among them, polystyrene and polyurethane belong to combustible and flammable materials, and rock wool belongs to non combustible materials, which are class a fillers.

The fire was caused by poor contact and heating of electrical circuits in Kangle paradise elderly apartment, and high temperature igniting surrounding inflammables and combustibles.

The color steel plank house in your eyes may be like this: but it may turn into another look in an instant: in recent years, color steel plank house fires have occurred from time to time, causing serious casualties and property losses.

Due to the large space span of steel structure buildings and many combustible materials, it is very easy to form a large-area fire.

Building communication media ID: jianzhong001 color steel plate house is named because there is a layer of color coated iron sheet on the outer layer.

Combination Wing Nut

In case of fire, the fire develops rapidly, spreads rapidly and burns violently.

Poor fire resistance, easy to form large-area collapse.

Let’s intuitively understand its power through the real scene experiment.

The Anyang fire rescue detachment command center quickly dispatched Xingye Road fire rescue station and special service fire rescue station.

In case of fire, the materials filled in the color steel plate will produce a large amount of toxic and harmful gas due to incomplete combustion, which will gradually increase the threat to people.

At present, the color steel plate with polystyrene or polyurethane as the core material is common in the market, which has the advantages of low price, very low ignition point and poor flame retardancy.

A total of 6 Fire engines 30 officers and men rushed to the scene for disposal.

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After nearly an hour’s intense fighting, The open fire was put out.

The accident caused 39 deaths and 6 injuries.



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