[jianjiantong] an official of Beijing Construction Commission deposited nearly 13 million yuan in cash at his home, which was sentenced to 9

On June 6, the discipline inspection and supervision team transferred the materials related to Zhou Shuo’s case to Fengtai District Supervision Committee.

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On December 21, 2020, Zhou Shuo was dismissed from public office and expelled from the party on December 24.

This is just a section chief of Beijing Construction Commission.

In 2016, with the rapid development of Beijing’s economic construction, the demand of enterprises for the qualification of the construction industry continued to be strong.

“People’s hearts are not enough.

You should learn from me.” (source: integrated on the Internet, the picture and copyright belong to the original author.

On June 10, Zhou Shuo was filed for investigation by Fengtai District Supervision Committee and took retention measures.

Zhou Shuo’s way of corruption is mainly to collect benefit fees by handling the qualification approval of construction enterprises for others,” said Dou Xiaotao, head of the discipline inspection and supervision team of the municipal housing and Urban Rural Development Commission.

In 2017, Zhou Shuo found his boss Suo Moumou and, on the grounds that he was a civil servant and could not do business, borrowed his name to establish a trading company in partnership with another person Ma Moumou.

“I’m 41 years old.

I calculated and gave Zhou Shuo 590000 yuan,” Liu said.

Jianzhoutong media ID: jianzhong001, a small section chief of Beijing housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, because he mastered the life and death power of enterprise qualification approval and cooperated with intermediaries, he charged tens of millions of benefits.

I think my business ability is very good, but several promotions have failed, and my resentment is getting heavier and heavier.

I secretly left the money at home and didn’t dare to say or use it.

Under the patient guidance and education of the investigators, Zhou Shuo took the initiative to explain the money he received and confessed that the money was hidden at home.

In order to make the qualification approval pass smoothly, Liu will give Zhou Shuo a benefit fee ranging from 5000 yuan to 10000 yuan for basically every project, and Zhou Shuo is happy to accept it.

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In order to obtain the qualification, some matters needed the approval of the comprehensive service center of the Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development.

“In the process of communicating with Liu, I found that it was too easy for him to make money.

On March 31, Zhou Shuo, former chief of the first business section of the comprehensive service center of the Beijing Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development, was sentenced to 9 years’ imprisonment and fined 300000 yuan by the Fengtai District People’s Court of Beijing for the crime of accepting bribes and the crime of unidentified sources of huge amounts of property.

It can be said that making friends with intermediary Liu is the beginning of my corruption.” according to Zhou Shuo, Liu often applies for the qualification of construction enterprises in the government service hall and gets familiar with Zhou Shuo.

I didn’t expect to receive so much money.

I should have been the pillar of my family, but I’m in prison for violating discipline and law.

Zhou Shuo, then the person in charge of the enterprise secondary review section of the service center, became a “sweet cake” in the eyes of many people.

“I was surprised.

If they have money, they want power.

Since 2017, Zhou Shuo has served as the chief of the first business section of the comprehensive service center.

Only the cash found at home was nearly 13 million, and some paper bags were not opened.

Crazy! Crazy!” “Zhou Shuo is a cadre who has grown up all the way in the housing construction system.

“The housing construction system is an area prone to corruption.

Crazy! Crazy!” Zhou Shuo said.

I didn’t set a good example.

I’m not only ashamed of the organization, but also my family.

In retrospect, they were also obsessed at that time, so they agreed.” gradually, in the intermediary circle of Beijing construction industry, “looking for Zhou Shuo for qualification approval” almost became a well-known “doorway” in the intermediary industry.

The following is the full text.

“When people are ‘sick’, they don’t know it.

Zhou Shuo, who didn’t understand the business operation at all, was forced to accept the outcome of the company’s bankruptcy, and his “dream” of trying to make a fortune through business was completely dashed.

It is understood that the investigators found a total of 12.97 million yuan in cash from all corners of Zhou Shuo’s house.

Whenever I came home from work, I didn’t feel relaxed at all.

My mind was full of pressure and anxiety,” Zhou Shuo said.

Looking back at what they have done over the years, they find that they seem to be possessed by the devil.

My mind wavered and my behavior became increasingly anomie,” Zhou Shuo said.

Some time ago, the unit held another warning education meeting, which sounded the alarm for us.” recently, in an interview with reporters, Zhou Shuo’s colleagues said.

Tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of benefits are the norm for him.

To his surprise, soon after, partner Ma Moumou died unexpectedly.

“It’s easy to get things done after giving money.

With the increasing power, more and more people come to him for “help”, Zhou Shuo’s appetite has become greater.

On June 5, 2020, the discipline inspection and supervision team of the municipal housing and Urban Rural Development Commission preliminarily examined Zhou Shuo’s suspected bribery and other issues after receiving the clues that Zhou Shuo deliberately made use of his qualification examination and approval power and asked for 100000 yuan of benefit fee.

“Some social intermediary agents will contact me through various channels and want to further ‘cooperate’ with me.

“Looking back at what we have done over the years, we find that we seem to be possessed by the devil.

Subsequently, the investigators came to Zhou Shuo’s home and found that more than 6 million yuan of cash was stacked in the closet of his master bedroom.

“At the beginning, I refused the ‘benefits’ given by some units.

After that, I think, since my career is not smooth, I’ll make more money,” Zhou Shuo said.

There were also a lot of cash under the bed and in the bed cabinet of the second bedroom, and some were even packed in paper bags that had not been opened.

I’m a derelict son and husband.” Zhou Shuo confessed, “my lesson is too painful.

We all feel very uncomfortable when he has an accident.


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