Jian Yiyong carried out the theme group day activity of “fighting epidemic with me · Youth Action” for the school of architecture

*** Actively guide the anti epidemic spirit to be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Their spirit continues to shine through history, nourishes the spiritual blood of the Chinese nation, and sets up a bright red flag for the Chinese people.

— conclusion of CCB 2101 Youth League branch this theme group day activity of “fighting epidemic with me · Youth Action” is at a critical period of epidemic prevention and control in Xi’an.

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They have made great contributions to national stability and people’s happiness.

It is committed to showing the atmosphere of the college and the style of students, and providing an information platform for colleges and social organizations to understand the college.

Through Tencent meeting, the League branch can communicate and share together, alleviate the current anxiety of the epidemic situation, and guide the Youth League members to reasonably arrange their study and life.

They have written a magnificent epic of China.

In the face of the epidemic prevention and control work of the whole school, we can’t only talk about special without discipline, only talk about conditions without dedication, and rely on group day activities to supplement the calcium of spirit and improve our ideological standing.

— the epidemic situation of the Construction Research Group branch in 2003 affects everyone in the country.

This group day activity showed the youth strength contributed by contemporary youth in epidemic prevention and control, and guided the youth of the whole hospital to take the initiative and act actively in the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control.

If you want to have more exchanges or cooperation with us in learning and activities, please contact us through the following email: [archsu]_ xauat@163.com 】4.

By watching the promotional film, we understand the contribution of Xi’an people, outsiders and medical personnel to the epidemic resistance, and deeply realize that as college students, we should make our best contribution to the epidemic resistance and shoulder the responsibility and mission of the times.


The construction 1806 regiment branch watched the anti epidemic video, and the construction 1806 regiment branch watched the anti epidemic video and news reports, so as to timely understand the development of the epidemic situation and feel the spirit of uniting to fight the epidemic and overcome difficulties.

It is hoped that the youth of the whole hospital will take practical actions to vigorously carry forward the great anti epidemic spirit of life first, National unity, giving up life and forgetting death, respecting science and sharing destiny, and carry forward the great anti epidemic spirit, Understand the connotation and essence of the great anti epidemic spirit, and learn from it the powerful spiritual force to overcome the epidemic.

The construction research 2003 regiment branch watched the propaganda film, and the construction research 2003 regiment branch organized the youth members to watch the anti epidemic propaganda film together, and mobilized the youth members to actively participate in voluntary activities and contribute their own strength during the epidemic period.

Each branch adopts the combination of online and offline to carry out this theme group day activity in various forms.

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Online meeting of urban planning 2101 regiment branch urban planning 2101 regiment branch took the form of online meeting to watch the film we are together and learn the spirit of anti epidemic.

We often see the medical staff, property staff, volunteers and so on around us.

With our joint efforts, we have achieved a flat mind and overcome difficulties.

The city has set up 2101 League branch online sharing meeting.

Recently, the school of architecture launched the theme group day activity of “anti epidemic has me · youth strength”, responding to the anti epidemic spirit and uniting the anti epidemic youth strength.

Heroes have fulfilled their original intention and bravely undertaken their mission.

The more you feel about the activity, the more you see the nature of a hero.

Photo: College of architecture copywriter: Organization Department editor: Organization Department proofreader: Li Nan first review: Gu zizhuo final review: Li He about us: 1 The youth home of the Construction Institute of West China Construction University was founded by the league and student union of the College of architecture.

The urban planning 2101 regiment branch carried out online themed group day activities.

Life continues.

The true colors of heroes will never fade, The anti epidemic spirit will be inherited forever.

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The city has set up 2101 League branch in the form of online sharing meeting.

They have exchanged their behavior before carrying heavy loads for peace and happiness.

When the unknown appears, timidity and fear are human instincts.

The urban planning 2101 regiment branch carried out the group day activity of “fighting epidemic with me · youth force” in the form of online video conference, comprehensively reviewed the extraordinary process of the fight against epidemic, and systematically summarized the experience gained from the fight against epidemic.

They still stick to their posts and make selfless dedication despite the severe cold.

We can also focus on scientific research in the dormitory.

We shouted: “I have the fight against the epidemic! Youth will do it!”—— Many things have been affected by the upgraded control measures of the construction 2102 regiment branch, but seeing that many people working at the grass-roots level are working hard for the society, we can always feel that we are overcoming difficulties in the same sky and in the same city.

Lifting Anchor

During this period, we have had anxiety and anxiety in both the sealed and controlled areas, but we can always find ways to remove the haze.

Firmly establish the idea of “one game of chess”.

As college students in Xi’an, this is the closest to the epidemic situation, and their lives are also deeply affected.

As Chinese youth, we have the responsibility and obligation to help the country and ourselves through the difficulties.

I think if we have the opportunity, as a member of West Construction University, we will not hesitate to devote ourselves to voluntary service and contribute to the school and society within our ability.



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