January 26 Construction Recruitment

You can contact the boss if you need it: 13663958727 (same wechat number) Zeng Qingshun 1576641188 [coffee job search: I have been engaged in surveying for many years, and now I am looking for a job as a surveyor in the future.

Monthly salary: Production Manager 22000 to 22000 50000 silver, the market price of the budgeter, giving priority to the personnel of this group.

If you need a boss, please contact 13602668363 to apply for a job.

I am engaged in municipal road network project, The steel structure equipment installation project lasts for 4 years.

Welcome all bosses in the construction industry to work together.

Work content: municipal roads, bridges, landscape engineering, road reconstruction engineering, housing construction, etc.

I have been engaged in municipal road network project for nearly two years.

has been established.

Welcome all companies to chaoguang construction management platform to help you promote achievements, Welcome to the address of cooperation.

In recent years, I have been in charge of the site director of changlichong landscape project in Zhaoqing new area, Technical director of precast beam yard, technical director of pipe gallery and municipal road project of Shenzhen Sun Yat sen University, familiar with total station, level gauge, RTK and other measuring instruments, various office software, on-site management and technical director, with complete certificates! Job search: site Chief Engineer Location: all in Guangdong Province.

No recruitment is allowed in the group.

There are abundant social resources, resources or relationships of the provincial development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of finance, or the Organization Department of the provincial Party committee, or other departments directly under the province.

5 years working experience.

I have worked as a high-rise, school, deep foundation pit, municipal road, earthwork, etc.

Contact manager Tang 19946802243 to apply for a job: he has been a municipal documenter in Guangdong Province for 7 years, is familiar with various office software, brings his own wpsbgm, and is familiar with the whole set of data process.

It is necessary for the company to provide you with certificates.

Job requirements: 1.

Official account is official account.

Qualification agency of level II qualification company: construction qualification (general contracting, professional contracting, labor subcontracting) construction safety production license.

You need to see my recruitment.

People who want to post recruitment information are interested in finding jobs.

Magnetic Thread Disc

Two points account for one of them.

If you want to make achievements, please come to our company.

Please send the public numbers out of the various building platforms with 432 building groups.

The company is ready to cooperate with 100 companies.

If you need any boss, please contact 13113275911.

The official account provides free updates for the construction industry.

I have been in charge of municipal road survey for several years before.

It’s better to be the boss of Chaoshan.

I have been engaged in surveying work for many years.

Tel.: 18165956518 forest worker, who is from Chaoshan, has more than 30 years of engineering experience, has been responsible for the site chief engineer of many projects, familiar with drawings, site management and construction, personnel allocation, etc! Hot recruitment on January 26, Wu Xiaohan was recruited to work as a documenter in Shenzhen.

I look forward to working in Huizhou.

Zhang Gong: 15976213032 years later, I will work as a safety officer in Shenzhen.

There are more than four (Shenzhen hengcai) major business projects for acquisition and transfer: National Housing construction Municipal with various qualifications: special grade and first grade.

I am from Chaoshan.

This platform has more than 100 building certificates.

This platform is not responsible for the adverse consequences of accepting this information.

If you want to cooperate and open a company, please come to our company.

Hold the traffic safety C certificate of Guangdong Provincial Safety Officer, in terms of work, municipal administration, water conservancy and roads.

Tel.: 13326620085 (wechat same number).

Preferably in Guangdong Province.

It is updated every day.

Municipal roads, earthwork, etc., total station, RTK, CAD, CASS, Tel.: 15521268176, Xiao Li applies for a job.

Position: General Manager Salary: open, annual salary of 1-2 million + Management Commission.

Recommended certificates of architectural design qualification (industrial design, professional design and special design): constructor, cost engineer, registered engineer, architectural title certificate, etc.

Can you talk about me privately? 13434177468 internal information, quick hand and slow hand..

The second phase of Tianhui City, Gongming District, Shenzhen Tel: 13537739899 Wu Xiaohan cooperates to release 980.

Working location: Chengdu.

Work content: municipal roads, bridges, garden landscape engineering, road reconstruction engineering, river engineering, slope, etc.

Thank you! [boxing] [coffee] director Zeng 15766411888 Job search: site Chief Engineer / technical director location: Guangdong Province.

It’s more convenient to communicate in all aspects.

You need to use glazed tile to help team.

I can use the total station, RTK, CAD, CASS, Tel.: 15521268176.

Certificate handling: handle national technical engineering certificate, post certificate, etc.

We must pay attention to the official account.

Your company needs all kinds of official account certificates.

Working in Sichuan provincial and municipal organs, department level leaders, or deputy department level leadership resources; 2.

If you need a boss or boss, please talk privately.

You can contact me 1304934331 to explain that the official account provides information for recruitment of every day, and you can distinguish yourself from the truth.

Xiao Li sent it through the platform of president Wu to find a job in the housing construction project.

Thank you for your cooperation.

I am a semi skilled documenter.

I am looking for a surveyor after years.

Tel.: 13049343313 Hello, boss Wu.

It provides all kinds of documents and contacts for your company, 13537739899, Wu Xiaohan, thank you.

I have been the filing safety director in Shenzhen for 10 years and am responsible for the safety of the whole site Overall management, including all safety data.

Recruitment cooperation statement chaoguang construction management platform Co., Ltd.

Contact Tel.: 13670382447.

(wechat, the same number) “entrusted” Shenzhen municipal project will recruit one production manager and one budgeter after the year.

I am from Chaoshan.

I have a group of professional team to do glazed tile tile.

The public number is not responsible for any statement of responsibility: the recruitment information and other information from the public are from the Internet.


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