Is the right of rural homestead confirmed according to the construction area or all areas? The answer is obvious

For example: firewood shed, cattle and sheep shed, small fruit warehouse, pavilion, etc.

If more land is occupied, it shall be punished as illegal occupation of land.

The confirmation of rural homestead right is only aimed at the homestead, not the attachments on the homestead.

The specific implementation policies can be divided into three stages: before the implementation of the regulations on the administration of rural housing land in 1982, between the implementation of the land management law in 1987, and after the implementation of the management law in 1987.

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Of course, a yard includes not only houses, but also other attachments.

Note: This article.

If only the building area of the house is confirmed, how can the area of other attachments be confirmed? Do other attachments count as area? That must not be the area.

The confirmation of homestead is divided into two parts: the confirmation of homestead and the confirmation of buildings on the ground.

When confirming the right of homestead area, the over occupied area shall be handled in accordance with relevant regulations.

The confirmation of rural homestead right is a major event in 2018, which can also be said to be vigorous, ensuring the interests of villagers who have the right to use homestead legally.

People don’t give gifts and “household registration merger” starts this year? “Three things” should be done quickly.

It’s hard to apply for farmers in the future.

However, some provinces and cities will also confirm the right according to the actual area of the homestead use certificate when the homestead area exceeds the use standard, and most of them will confirm the right according to the actual homestead use area.

It is mainly based on the “measures for the administration of Rural Homestead” and “Several Provisions on determining the ownership and use right of land” and the homestead policy formulated by the local government.

The foundation of a house accounts for hundreds of square meters.

Note: will the rural Hukou be completely abolished? Compensation of 300000? The accurate news is that farmers’ attention: in November, there will be a major household registration rectification, and eight problems should be solved quickly.

If only the construction area is confirmed, the area of homestead is very small.

I hope the state can give appropriate “social age subsidies” to the older generation of farmers! There is another “strange phenomenon” in rural areas.

In 2021, these five kinds of rural houses will be “forcibly demolished” and will not be compensated.

Don’t fill them in wrong.

The house is only one of the attachments.

If demolition, it is calculated according to the area of the house.

That must not be appropriate, unless you are a local tyrant family! Generally speaking, the area of homestead shall not exceed the standards stipulated by the provincial and urban areas.

Under normal circumstances, the right of homestead is confirmed according to all areas.

The “three evil winds” are blowing in the countryside, and the state is going to take it seriously! Open the “zero tolerance” mode, and the homestead will start issuing certificates in 2021! There are three requirements for signing.

The wedding banquet has changed into a “cold banquet”.

Spherical Head Anchor

Generally, houses in rural areas can not be built so large.

Unless you cover the whole yard full, this is not demolition.


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