Invitation letter | invitation letter for 2022 graduates of construction and real estate industry in autumn air double selection meeting

The method for employers to participate in the conference: (1) booth reservation: click the enterprise registration website (computer, it is recommended to use Google browser) and log in the account.

(3) after the approval is passed, enter [recruitment enterprise background 2.0] in the upper right corner of the page; click [double selection meeting]: manage the sessions and booths, enter the student hall, view the delivery, interview and mark the resume, click [position]: publish & modify the position information, and synchronize the empty double sessions with one button, [candidate]: manage all delivery and appointment candidates; [chat]: chat video window.

The holding time is from 9:00 on November 9 to 17:00 on December 31, 2021.

Students with Zhilian recruitment account but no resume need to first [fill in a resume] (2) click [register for participation] , fill in [Select resume] [fill in job application intention], browse the enterprise recruitment information and [deliver] (3) online consultation & video interview on the activity day (interview on app side) A.

The registration address of employers: Graduate registration address: 4、 Specific process   1.

Employer login   Visit [Employer registration address] (computer side) to log in the account.

(2) select [enterprise login] and log in successfully [register for participation], jump to the [submit audit data page], fill in [enterprise information], [upload business license & recruitment brochures] and [position information], and submit it to the staff for approval.

Through the [enterprise center], you can view the registration times and audit status, and the audit results will be reminded by SMS.

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The registration time and address are from now on.

Dear employers and dear students: under the new situation of epidemic prevention and control, Tongji University, as the Secretary unit of the construction real estate employment and entrepreneurship Steering Committee, is jointly organized with Zhilian recruitment to ensure the smooth employment and high-quality employment of 2022 graduates, continue to meet the needs of employers for talent recruitment and talent introduction, and ensure the continuous line of employment guidance services “Autumn air double selection meeting for 2022 graduates of construction real estate industry” The specific arrangements are as follows: 1.

The following QR codes can be scanned for the detailed participation process:   3.

(4) on the day of the double selection meeting, [online consultation & Appointment Video] : it can be initiated for the students who have delivered the candidate list and the students in the job seeker hall, either PC or app.

If there is no Zhilian account, enterprises need to register the account first.

For the first visit, you need to fill in [admission information].


preparation actions:.

Registration steps: click [register now] on the login page to enter the enterprise registration page, use the mobile phone number to verify the information, and click “register now” after filling in , enter the RD background for personal qualification review and unit qualification review, and start the experience after review.


Students without Zhilian account need to first [register and submit resume].


Enterprises without Zhilian account need to register first.

The participants are 202 graduates and employers with recruitment needs.

  Select [enterprise login] [sign up for the conference], fill in the required [specialty and number of people] for recruitment, and confirm the [registration information] to complete the registration.

Student registration and participation methods (1) account login (Computer & mobile browser access is supported), visit the student registration website and log in the account.


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