Inventory of eight good rural “online red buildings” in 2022

Across the river from the rural market is an idyllic lecture hall, which is closer to the village, undertakes the function of information interaction inside and outside the village, and also serves as an important voice for rural revitalization.

Yidrishui Library 07.

The site is an open space with an area of 1000 square meters and three idle self-built houses in the 1990s.

The villagers in Shilong Village, Anji, are going to transform their idle yard into a garden-style restaurant.

The online celebrity building is no longer a simple practical space, but has become a big IP.

The indoor tone is mainly white, light gray and other bright colors, and the curve shape is used to create a relaxed and fashionable atmosphere.

Rizhao Lanshan “One Leaf Tea Pavilion” Location: Shandong Rizhao/Design: Kong Xiangwei Studio, Jufeng Town, Lanshan District, Rizhao City, Shandong Province.

They are led under a sloping roof with rounded triangles, forming an experiential workshop for urban tourists, and also a study space for villagers to learn skills.


Longmen Mountain · Woyuntai 06.

One Drop of Water Library Location: Huizhou/Design: The Sanwen building is located in Shuangyuewan Central Park, Pinghai Town, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province.

It is the raw material planting base for Jiangxiaobai Distillery’s production, and also an important node for the liquor group to form the linkage between primary, secondary and tertiary industries.

Tiangang Zhixing Village Rural Market and Rural Lecture Hall 08.

Combined with the internal functions, the natural scenery outside the house was introduced into the interior.

As a permanent or festive market space, the rural market accepts the village, the northern mountain village and the past people, and accessibility becomes the root of its location.

At the turning point of the small lake in the mountains, the scenery is excellent.

With the help of the communication energy of the network in the media era, it has become a characteristic trigger to activate rural tourism.

Bamboo workshop 02.

Several peninsulas are winding along with the water system.

Jiangxiaobai’s three-acre plot 03.

When it rains, the eaves of the pavilion give rise to rain beads, which fall evenly.

Metasequoia forest restaurant near Taihu Lake 01.


Green dimension guide: In recent years, with the development of the mobile internet, it has been highly sought after.


Longmen Mountain · Woyuntai Location: Pengzhou, Sichuan/Design: The small hidden building “Woyuntai” is located at the bridgehead of Xiaoyudong Bridge in Longmen Mountain Town.

There is a stream flowing into a main river at the project site, and the surrounding terrain is relatively flat.

The natural texture of terraced fields and the triangular site boundary formed by rural roads.

It is a typical hilly rural area in southwest China, about 15 minutes’ drive from Jiangxiaobai Distillery.

Repair and replace the wood structure truss that has been mothed and decayed, rebuild the roof system, add the insulation layer and waterproof layer.

The roof with round corners and triangles is slightly lifted towards the central “lighthouse”, revealing the braided T-shaped steel grid under the roof.


Villagers’ yard restaurant location: Huzhou/design: a little architectural.

It can be used as a residence and is intended to be a landscape pavilion.

The light and shadow inside the tea pavilion vary with the sun at four times.

The interior of the tea pavilion is an empty space.

The road winds along the hillside.

The “island hopping” method is used to create the experience moving line, which can not only enrich the unique experience of switching between different scenes, but also meet the relative independence and purity between different functional blocks.

The bottom floor of the building is overhead as a whole, the white “bamboo forest” grows from the ground to the dome, and the regular structural column network disappears in the “bamboo forest”, forming an open and inclusive multi-functional place.

The design extracts the geological heritage features of “glacier boulder” in Longmen Mountain National Geopark, the nature of pandas like to play on trees, the local shape of panda body, and the bamboo forest where pandas live as architectural elements, and jointly creates a magical, open, interesting experience place, and a mysterious artistic conception of “hermit exploration”.

From the road, you can look up at the green mountains and pines, and also overlook the tea gardens.

Visitors can see the mountains and forests in the east, the tea fields in the south, and the distant mountains in the southwest through the narrow view frame formed by the eaves of the pavilion and the steel fence.

The whole library is white, and the edges of corridors, long walls and roofs strengthen the sense of geometric composition.

The bamboo workshop includes the functions of research, production, display and sales.

Tiangang Zhixing Village Pastoral Market and Pastoral Lecture Hall Location: Hebei/Design: cassava architecture Pastoral Market, with its modern and highly impact appearance, shows the ongoing subversive changes in the village.

Bamboo workshop location: Yibin, Sichuan/Design: The bamboo workshop is located in a crescent-shaped ladder field deep in Anshi Village, Yibin, Sichuan.

The original rain-leaking tile roof was replaced with white precious steel plate, and the facade window of the building was designed.

T-shaped elements constructed by 300mm and 100mm high steel sheets are “interwoven” together, like local bamboo weaving techniques, forming the structural framework of the roof in the staggered rhythm.


The planning chooses to distribute the buildings and functional experience areas on these peninsulas.

It echoes the form of the original building, and will not appear too abrupt.


Villagers’ yard restaurant 05.

It is the only way to get in and out of Longmen Mountain Town, and also an important node for Longmen Mountain Town to practice rural revitalization.

The plane shape of the main part of the building is circular, and the straight line is the outdoor corridor and long wall, which leads people from the top of the mountain to the building.

Seats and tables are placed along the outer glass curtain wall, where readers can read quietly and overlook the scenery.

The roof section of the building is bowl-shaped, and the transparent glass in the reading area makes the roof have a sense of suspension.

Rizhao Lanshan “Yiye Tea Pavilion” 04.

A new block is inserted in the gap between the two buildings, and a spire shape with the mountain wall facing inward is added.

Location of Jiangxiaobai’s one mu three plot plot: Chongqing/Design: The project of Wunzhu Design Firm is located in Ciyun Town, Jiangjin District, Chongqing.

Shuttering Props

▼ Earth Art Museum ▼ Field Store ▼ Snail Vegetable Garden ▼ Sunken Courtyard ▼ Small White Flower House 03.

The shape of the library strives to have poetic tension: looking down from a high place, the building is geometric – a circle+a straight line.


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