In the construction industry, what positions are the most popular?

For example, if I think your house is well designed, I will ask which designer it is and introduce it to me.

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When you open the gap, in fact, there is a span in the income level, but at this time, you will thank you for your decision at that time-   .

With the increasing professionalism, customers’ awareness of us is getting higher and higher.

Isn’t there any idea of such a big industry temptation? Why is the position growth of interior designer the most in the construction industry in recent years? If most of the construction is to contract projects, most of the learning of building structure is to build houses and do planning, and most of them go to urban landscape planning, are you willing to broaden the scope of employment on the premise that you specialize in technology? Double your income every year? Correct a misunderstanding! Interior design is not for youth.

Naturally, more and more people are looking for you to design.

The layout of people and residential houses is better than other architects.

Because the older they are, the more popular they are, the older they are, the more experience they have, the higher their awareness in the industry, and naturally more customer contacts they have accumulated.

What are the most widely held positions in the construction industry? You are about to enter the construction engineering industry.

The ceiling, bedroom and washroom all belong to interior design.

When the road is wide, the business naturally comes to the door.

There are many interior design cases, and the handling of small details can move people’s hearts most.

Interior designers are often the same type as traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, teachers and professors.

Do you know what position has the broadest prospects? What you can see as soon as you wake up.

At this time, improve the standard and set the goal: the interior design of single family villas, large flat floors and high-level clubs.


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