In addition to flowing water villas, Wright has designed these “affordable houses” for the “poor middle class” in the United States!

Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the greatest architects in the United States.

The living room has a large architectural space and occupies one direction of the grid system.

The era background of affordable housing “American style” housing in a special period the outbreak of the American economic crisis in the 1930s and the collapse of the stock market greatly increased the economic burden of the middle class, and the construction budget of housing and housing is no longer optimistic.

The building is very open to the inner courtyard, and the living room and bedroom are opened to the backyard with large-area French windows, which also reflects Wright’s understanding of “home”, which isolates the interference of social insecurity factors in a closed form to protect family members, while the internal open space provides an open communication living atmosphere.

▸ a glass partition is set between the kitchen and the living room of Willie residence to realize the connection of sight and effective communication and dialogue.

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Wright’s “American style” housing is the product of this turbulent historical period, Buildings pay more attention to functionality and practicability and minimize the budget.

The obtuse angle of 120 degrees makes the space more open and the line of sight more penetrating.

The plane is vertically crossed by two rectangles to form an L-shaped layout, thus forming an open backyard.

The kitchen space increases its importance in the building system by increasing the size and is arranged at the core of the grid system.

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▸ plan of Kentucky dome ▸ the same way is used in the design of Hannah residence in Kentucky dome.

They would not spend a lot of time in the kitchen and service area.

These design methods have been intensively inherited and improved in the subsequent design.

The arc in the South extends downward to form a sunken courtyard, which greatly increases the natural lighting of the building.

In the design of Kentucky dome, Wright used the hexagon as the grid system, and the edge of the hexagon is 1.4 meters.

American style houses are mainly aimed at the middle class affected by the financial crisis.

At the same time, such a design also greatly increased the indoor space..

Wright enclosed it with two circular arcs to form an olive shaped plane, which not only avoided the wind and sand blowing into the room in the desert, but also reduced the damage to the building structure.

He has created more than 1100 architectural works in his 70 years of design career.

The exploration of the grid has gradually evolved from the initial square and triangle to hexagon, and the establishment of the grid system has become more and more perfect.

Back to the street courtyard layout first Jacobs residence most of the American style houses designed by Wright adopt a similar layout.

▸ first, the general layout of Jacobs house.

The kitchen was often the workplace of servants, so it had a low position in the building.

Wright used 25 radial lines with a difference of 6 degrees to locate and obtained the arc-shaped building plane with a development surface of 150 degrees.

The arc-shaped design first appeared in the second Jacobs residence.

▸ Wiley residence open kitchen grid layout Kentucky dome & Hannah residence in order to further save costs, Wright has always used the grid as the design basis.

The building plane extends from here to the external platform, breaking the traditional sense of closure and strengthening the spatial continuity.

▸ the second Jacobs residence ▸ the olive shaped plane first appeared in the Burlingham residence.

▸ first, the concept of open kitchen of Jacobs residence Willie residence in Wright’s early residential design, customers were often high-income groups who followed formal social customs.

Different from the traditional kitchen as the main service space for servants, the living room and semi open kitchen of Willie residence are arranged on the west side of the residence as the core public space of the building.

The kitchen has become one of the most important spaces in the building, bringing a warm and safe space atmosphere.

They have no servants.

A large amount of soil is accumulated in the north of the main building, which greatly increases the thermal insulation performance of the building.

The adjustment of radiation angle and the change of stacking materials in the north are to further reduce the energy consumption of the building.

On the street side of the building, only a row of narrow windows are opened on the rectangular wall, which maximizes the privacy and avoids the peeping of the street.

The building is close to the street but back to the street.

They need to participate in daily, catering and Party activities, and the open kitchen is an excellent way for the host to prepare for the party and have friendly interaction with the visitors at the same time, The change of social structure leads to the transformation of spatial function.

The arc house has a high fit with the environment, and the olive house is better in economic benefits.

▸ Hannah house plan arc and olive second Jacobs House & Burlingham house in Wright’s American style house, we can often see two plane forms: semicircular and olive.

This “economic and practical housing” also pays great attention to the personalized needs of customers and redefines people’s living and living space.

Wright expresses his hidden design standards through a regular modular unit system.

In addition to the well-known classic residential works such as flowing water villa, Wright has designed more than 60 minority houses in the last 25 years since 1936, and the concepts of open kitchen and back street courtyard were born from the “American style” residential form in this period, which has a far-reaching impact all over the world.

The main entrance of the building is very hidden, because for Wright, when the building itself is wonderful enough, the door is no longer important.

The first Jacobs completed in the 1980s is located at the corner of the street.

The sunlight is scattered from the skylight.

The advantage of this is that it can greatly increase the depth of the backyard, increase the privacy of the garden, make it an important place for family activities, and reduce the cost of setting up driveways.

The first residence with open kitchen is Willie residence.


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