[impression · Architecture] Shenzhen University of Technology

With diversified and three-dimensional texture effects, it is very imaginative.

The great cause of education is about the future of the country.

De’aiwei assisted Shenzhen University of technology, combined with the exploration of contemporary education, teaching, scientific research and innovation mode, brought all-round coating protection to the three-dimensional campus space system, and created a campus environment in which the government is at ease, the school is at ease and the students are comfortable.

What kind of experience is it to go to university in the “air”? A unique and unique campus air corridor was officially opened in Shenzhen University of technology.

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It is hoped that in the future, through the continuous innovation and improvement of de’aiwei products and the struggle spirit of de’aiwei people, more people can feel the excellent quality of German coating and enjoy the beautiful experience brought by “quality engineering”.

✦ real map of Shenzhen University of technology caparolno.

1 Yide Aiwei texture product system texture effect is close to natural texture, with both functionality and aesthetics.


2 Er de’aiwei imitation stone product system project adopts de’aiwei imitation stone coating, which is more realistic than real stone, and its effect is vivid, and the color shows the cultural heritage.

This is also an important symbol of the “Air University” created by Shenzhen University of technology.

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Shenzhen University of technology is a public university with high starting point, high level and high standard in Guangdong Province and Shenzhen.

Caparol de’aiwei always requires its own production management activities based on the principle of “green, environmental protection and function”.

With excellent weather resistance and flexibility, de’aiwei texture coating can protect the external wall of buildings for a long time.

The refreshed campus architecture adds a “new architectural color” to the “Air University”.

The appearance of flower gray is durable, and the whole building is simple and atmospheric.

Equipped with professional construction team to provide services and win trust with professionalism.

It can be said that it is a “beauty school who speaks by strength”.

Fully learn from and introduce the advanced school running experience of first-class technical universities in Germany, Switzerland and other developed countries, and strive to cultivate high-level engineers, designers and other high-quality application-oriented talents with international vision, craftsmanship and innovation and entrepreneurship at undergraduate level and above.

✦ real map of Shenzhen University of technology caparol de’aiwei project brings the coating solution of de’aiwei education system for the project, selects de’aiwei texture + imitation stone series coating products, endows the building with a new soul and shows a unique campus style.


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