Illustrate several common forms of evil spirits in urban architecture Feng Shui!

Residential buildings and commercial and factory buildings are often in the same area, which has a certain impact on residents in residential buildings.

The people in the residence are lonely and tend to be irritable.

7、 Gu Yangsha’s residence is too close to temples and other places, that is, it commits Gu Yangsha.

People in the house are generally weak and sick, which is one of the common evil spirits in modern cities.

8、 The duyinsha residence is too close to the cemetery, funeral home, hospital and other Yinsha places.

Also, due to the need to explore new land to cooperate with development, the surrounding environment and land use are changing every day.

It is suggested to ask a professional Feng Shui teacher to investigate and adjust home feng shui to enhance your fortune in all aspects.

A building was originally built on the back of the mountain and facing the water.

Of course, Feng Shui evil spirit is not only these kinds, but the specific situation can be judged and resolved by Feng Shui professionals.

Its outer wall is composed of mirrors and glass.

6、 The front of the reflective ghost house faces a building.

From the perspective of Feng Shui, the changes of the surrounding environment have a certain impact on the good and bad luck of Yangzhai.

When it is good, Feng Shui adjustment can increase good luck; When it is bad, it can reduce its ferocity.

4、 The building in front of the house or opposite the window protrudes towards the house, that is, the house is prone to chest problems.

The mirrors are reflected into the house by the sunlight, that is, they commit reflective ghost.

2、 At the corner of a building in front of feirensha house, the people in the house are in poor health.

Warm reminder: Feng Shui is a tool to adjust good or bad luck.

If you feel that it has been bad, it is likely that there is a problem with Feng Shui.

With the rapid development of major cities across the country, environmental planning can not be coordinated.

Thank you for your attention and forward with joy..

Next, we will introduce several common evil spirits and tell you the possible effects and consequences.

It is likely that after a year or two, the mountain behind has been removed, and many tall buildings have been built in front of it, completely changing the original environment.

3、 The front of the house is pointed at the corner of the building and forms a 45 degree impact on the house, that is, the house is prone to disease.

There are many people in the residence, such as dark illness, bad luck and permanent nightmares.

5、 The triangular tops of the spires of some buildings can be seen in front of the jinzisha house, that is, the jinzisha is committed, and the people in the house are prone to danger.

Lifting Foot Anchor

The people in the house are grumpy and prone to danger, which is also a common evil spirit in modern cities.

1、 The front of tianzhansha house is facing a narrow gap between the two buildings.

These effects are still obvious and real! It is suggested to find an authoritative professional feng shui master to guide the environmental adjustment and layout.

The dense population in the city, coupled with an inch of land and an inch of gold, and the close proximity between buildings.

We generally call the influence as evil spirits, which seriously affect people’s health, wealth, career and other aspects of fortune.


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