[Hung Kai Architecture] let you know about “micro cement”

03 – will micro cement crack or seep? The micro cement material itself does not crack, but if the cracking strength of the base course is too high and exceeds the bending capacity of the micro cement, it will be pulled and cracked.

In daily cleaning, use neutral detergent and avoid corrosive detergent.

Although it has good cleaning effect, it will cause irreversible damage to the material.

If there are serious stains, it is recommended to use a paper towel or cotton swab dipped in a small amount of organic solvent, such as alcohol and banana water, and gently wipe the stain surface.

It can be directly attached to the surface of ceramic tile and show good visual effect.

According to the use situation, the protection can be strengthened after a certain use time.

There should be no stones or gravel on the surface to avoid heavy objects colliding or dragging.

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Home decoration can generally be carried out once or twice a year.

Therefore, once the covering is damaged or cracks occur, water will seep.

However, some micro cements have poor water resistance and need to rely on the covering agent to achieve high-strength waterproof.

Art paint and cement paint are more suitable for walls and floors, but their wear resistance, compression resistance and other properties cannot be achieved.

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Sharp things scratch on the surface of micro cement, and generally there will be no obvious scratches, which is one of the reasons why micro cement is widely used on the ground.

In the past two years, micro cement has become a popular “net red” in the field of decoration materials.

If you are worried that the accumulated water in the wet area will damage the materials when the toilet is used, you can strengthen the protective treatment locally.

Current period [Hongji Architecture] let’s take you to know what micro cement is and what we will care about.

It may be harder than our common cement; At the same time, micro cement has strong wear resistance.

Micro cement can replace ceramic tile and marble to achieve seamless integration and waterproof at the same time.

Special curing agent can be used for maintenance regularly, and the surface smoothness can also be maintained in the form of waxing.

The base is generally stone, which has waterproof effect.

The organic solvent will react with the resin in the micro cement.

This kind of Decorative materials stand out because they can be directly applied to existing materials: ceramic tile, gypsum board, marble, terrazzo or plaster, etc.

Micro cement is very suitable for the transformation of hardbound room.

Halfen Frimeda

Almost no demolition work is done, and the thickness is only 3mm, so the space can be renovated quickly.

Although the construction thickness of micro cement is relatively thin, its hardness is also relatively strong.

Although the toughness of micro cement is good, it will also crack when the base course is seriously cracked.

04 where is micro cement suitable for use? In addition to the conventional living room, bedroom wall and floor, it is also suitable for kitchen and bathroom.

Therefore, base construction is the top priority to ensure the final effect.

Remember not to wipe it in a wide range.

Moreover, micro cement has strong adhesion and can be constructed on a variety of materials.

The care of micro cement is similar to that of natural wood floor.

If it is used in the kitchen and other places with high frequency of life, it should avoid the use of highly corrosive cleaning products such as alcohol and 84 disinfectant.

Wash with mop or nano sponge and other absorbent cleaning articles, and dispose of the accumulated water in time.

05 – how should micro cement be cured and cleaned in the later stage? Before formal check-in, you can wrap the sharp parts of the furniture in contact with the ground with felt, such as thin stool feet and table feet, so as to avoid indentation.

It can be constructed by itself or by special personnel.

01 – what is micro cement? Micro cement is a decorative coating, which is composed of cement, water-based resin, additives and mineral pigments.

Let’s introduce so much in this issue.

Cement paint is a kind of art coating, “art coating”, which is an imitation material made to achieve the effect of cement coating.

Some micro cements are waterproof and have strong water resistance without cover.

02 – what is the difference between cement paint and micro cement? Micro cement and cement paint are different.

In addition to the toilet, micro cement can also be used for the painting and renovation of kitchen countertops and sinks.

During ground construction, it is recommended to lay steel wire mesh first and then backfill base cement; During wall construction, the base course putty shall be scraped, and after grinding and leveling, the crack prone part of the edge gap or the joint of different materials shall be subject to anti cracking treatment, and then micro cement shall be approved.

Brush micro cement on it to ensure the unity of indoor style while being waterproof.

Due to its excellent adhesion, it can be used in any flat place such as wall, ground, top and cabinet to create a seamless and integrated effect.

It is necessary to select suitable products and pay attention to the use of materials.

In the market, each process is different, but the ultimate goal is to achieve the decorative effect of fair faced concrete.

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