How to conduct training disclosure for special construction workers and tower crane installation and disassembly workers?

(4) When installing and disassembling the jib and balance arm, try to complete the installation and disassembly of the jib and balance arm at the same time, and always keep the balance of the crane.

Fixing Socket Cross Pin

(7) When installing the crane, the crane traveling limit device and the stop block must be installed firmly and reliably.

Tower crane installation and disassembly workers refer to the personnel engaged in the installation, attachment, jacking and disassembly of tower cranes at the construction site.

(3) Before assembly piece by piece or component installation, the integrity, connection, threading and winding of steel wire rope, electrical circuit, etc.

2、 Safety operation regulations for tower crane installers and disassemblers (1) during each disassembly and assembly operation, you must understand the items, parts, contents and requirements you are engaged in.

(2) During jacking, the jib and balance arm must be balanced, and the rotating part must be braked.

If there is any abnormality, check and adjust it in time.

Sundries shall not be stacked within the warning line to avoid hindering operation and affecting safety.


When the line of sight is blocked and the distance is too far, which makes it difficult to transmit the command signal, effective measures such as walkie talkie or multi-level command shall be adopted for command.

Inspection before installation (1) inspect all mechanisms, parts, structural welds, bolts, pins, hoists, steel wire ropes, hooks, slings, safety devices, electrical equipment and lines of the installed and disassembled tower crane, and deal with problems in time.

(5) When working under the command of the designated special commander, no other person shall send a command signal.

(3) Before operation, the wire rope, chain, snap ring, hook, plate hook, ear hook and other slings and riggings used must be carefully checked according to relevant regulations.

Only qualified ones can be used, and overload use is not allowed.

(3) During jacking, pay attention to the pressure change of the hydraulic system at any time.

(6) When installing or disassembling the tower crane, it is strictly prohibited to interrupt the operation by disassembling only one arm.

(6) During installation, the specified bolts, pins, shafts and other connectors shall be used according to the safety requirements, and the bolt tightening shall meet the specified pre tightening force.

(5) In the process of installation and disassembly, if the operation cannot be continued in case of sudden power failure, mechanical failure, sudden weather change, etc., or the operation time has reached the time to stop, the installed and disassembled parts of the crane must be stable and locked firmly, all structural parts have been firmly connected, and the center of gravity line of the tower top is at the center of the four sides of the tower bottom support, The operation can be stopped only after inspection and confirmation.

(4) Safety helmet must be worn when entering the work site, and anti-skid shoes and safety belt must be worn when working at heights.

Tools shall be placed in tool frame or tool bag.

In order to prevent all kinds of accidents in the process of tower crane installation and disassembly and ensure construction safety, enterprises must attach great importance to the safety training and education of tower crane installation and disassembly workers, so that the tower crane installation and disassembly workers can predict the accident prone and high-risk points in advance and reduce the probability of accidents.

(3) Check the hydraulic cylinder, oil tank, jacking jacket structure, guide wheel, hanging shoe and climbing claw of the jacking hydraulic system of the jack up tower crane, and deal with the problems in time.

(8) When working at heights, small items and tools shall not be placed randomly.

When lifting heavy objects, it is strictly prohibited to pass over people.

Safety requirements for jacking operation (1) the jacking operation must be operated under the command of a specially assigned person.

1、 Basic requirements for tower crane installation and disassembly workers (1) tower crane installation and disassembly workers shall be at least 18 years old, have education level above junior middle school, be healthy, and have no diseases (such as epilepsy, hypertension, heart disease, vertigo, acrophobia, psychosis and sudden syncope) and physiological defects that hinder their work.

(9) During hoisting operation, no one is allowed to stay, work or pass under the jib and heavy objects.

(4) Check the power switch box and power supply line to ensure normal power supply.

(4) The height of the free end of the tower crane shall meet the requirements of the instructions.

A specially assigned person shall also measure the verticality change of the tower body with a theodolite and make records.

(2) The steel wire rope for installation and hoisting and its connection and fixation must meet the standards and installation requirements.

In order to improve the effect of safety training, it is necessary to improve the pertinence and interest of training courses, fundamentally change the expression form of training content, and attract operators to learn safety knowledge independently…

Safety requirements for installation and disassembly (1) during the whole process of installation and disassembly, the site must be kept clean and orderly.

of each part must be comprehensively checked.


(2) Check limit switches, overload protection devices, stop protection devices, alarm and display recording devices, electrical protection, safety protection devices and facilities, and deal with problems in time.

(2) The tower crane installation and disassembly workers shall pass the examination of the competent construction department and obtain the special operation qualification certificate before they can work.

One person is assigned to operate in the operation room and strictly obey the signal command.

(2) It is necessary to understand in detail and operate in strict accordance with the installation and disassembly sequence specified in the manual.

It is strictly prohibited to throw tools and objects from high altitude.

(7) When tightening bolts requiring preload, special tools must be used to accurately tighten the bolts to the specified preload value.

It is forbidden to lift personnel with a crane.

The handrail, platform, chain guard, handrail, retainer and other safety protection devices of each part shall be installed.

After the tower crane is lifted to the specified height, the tower body must be attached to the building before it can be lifted.

It is strictly prohibited to make any changes to the disassembly and assembly procedures specified in the product manual.

3、 Safety requirements for installation and disassembly of tower crane 1.

(10) It is forbidden to work with illness and after drinking.

Slewing jib and other operations are strictly prohibited.

Non operators are not allowed to board the operation console of the jacking jacket.


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