History & Architecture lovers collection! Rockbund art image exhibition takes you back to the Bund for a hundred years

The random combination of character monologue and humming in the video segment constructs an open narrative relationship.

Sun Ganlu looks relaxed and looks outside, some like the shooting of film scenes, secretly recording his connection with the city of Shanghai.

Different from the previous exhibitions only in one space, this video exhibition is presented in four historical buildings – the women’s Youth Association building, Hami building, Xiejin building and Lanxin building at the same time.

This exhibition is a work specially created by him for Hou Hanru’s exhibition “day and night, or if the art museum can work for it” entrusted by Shanghai Bund Art Museum in 2010.

/ / other shore flower In the picture, a woman is surrounded by flowers on the other side.

02 imagination and narration , writer, translator and art critic , BTR , this is a writer and translator living in Shanghai.

Although the distant lover does not appear, it corresponds to the viewer’s own memory.

The historical buildings full of story also make it worthy of becoming the legend of Shanghai.

Artist Zhou Yulong {is a photographer and artist.

Erection Anchor

I don’t know who she is, but the image that once died is illuminated again, waiting for a new forgetting.

In the only specific person, Tao Hui created a fictional plot: a French woman and a Chinese woman tell the air about their thoughts for their lover and the trivial things in life.

The passage of time has made the world forget the memory of this magical event.

The exhibition “the sky of aitoa road” records the disappearance of a businessman and his wife in Shanghai in March 1936.

Shen Zhonghai, a senior architectural media man, has been involved in the reconstruction project of Locke Bund source for 12 years.

A closer look can find that many buildings that have disappeared but were landmarks of Shanghai in those years, which is very interesting.

The Shanghai aerial view illustration map animation in 1939 creates the Shanghai aerial view illustration map created by Japanese illustrator Chang Guangjin in 1939.

The art image exhibition of “looking back: Nine invisible fragments of the Bund” was launched in Locke Bund source.

The work on display this time is the novel device of labyrinth surprise, which materializes a love story that takes place in a labyrinth like place, and makes people enter the novel when they enter the labyrinth.

The exhibition also invited nine artists with different identities, including artists, professional photographers, architectural media and urban archaeologists.

Looking back at the past stories of the Bund and Shanghai in these buildings, people can trigger the feeling of passing away in deja vu.

The measurement image of urban landscape and people takes the body of local people in Shanghai as a ruler to measure the physical scales such as the straight line and thickness of architectural space and entities, and then makes the image of the measurement process into the effect of black-and-white old photos to observe the uniqueness of urban landscape and the relationship between City and people in the form of “future old photos” of Shanghai..

He has a much deeper understanding of the culture and history of Bund source than most people.

As the body moves in space, there will always be crossroads, detours and turning back Like a maze, like love.

A businessman disappeared in a hydrogen balloon.

They took the “Bund source” as the common point of this creation and started this “look back” journey from three plates: history, landscape and life, imagination and narration, body and space.

Ma Liang’s use of scanners to generate images this time has brought new vitality to some old photos 80 years ago.

He believes that Locke Bund source is the source of Shanghai’s urban spirit and Shanghai style culture.

Ordinary people should know more about the history of their city, so as to have a deeper love and pride in Shanghai.

The scene in the photo of writer sun Ganlu is the large platform on the 18th floor of Shanghai Building in 2006 and the source of the Bund before the transformation.

2009 project documentary 2009 happens to be the year before the World Expo.

Artist Tao Hui Tao Hui’s works mainly focus on image and installation art.

This is their work and their life, and Shen Zhonghai recorded this scene worth remembering in the future.

Body and space artist Tu Weizheng, born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, has won the “Taipei Art Award”.

At that time, it was spread all over Shanghai.

He felt that the city image could not lack portrait faces, so he chose two writers: Sun Ganlu and Shen Hongfei to reflect the atmosphere of the times and the city by recording their faces and surrounding environment.

Photographer Lu Jie, as a photographer of the original Shanghai pictorial, has insisted on recording the story of Shanghai with his lens full of humanistic feelings for 40 years.

This time, he chose a sound device previously created specifically for Shanghai, hoping to broadcast those historical information and contact it in the Bund source.

He believes that Shanghai is the most complex city in the modern history of the world.

The unique geographical location has witnessed the legendary changes of Shanghai in the past century.

Now it comes back to people with the exhibition of video materials.

Speaking of Locke Bund source, my friends in Shanghai must be familiar with it.

Maze surprise novel installation this is a love story that takes place at the source of the Bund and takes the maze as the structure.

As the founder of “urban archaeology”, an independent research group on Shanghai history, Xu Ming has been committed to expanding the diversified art of urban culture.

This exhibition shows the old things left by his grandfather before his death, recording some old events in Shanghai in 1936.

The original static picture has become a dynamic video.

Artist Ma Liang once wrote a stage play “Dad’s time machine”, It has become the first Chinese work to be selected into the drama unit of the annual conference of the International Performing Arts Association (ISPA) in New York.

People of different functions and types of work come and go on the construction site every day.


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