High end interview | Ye Ming: clarify the direction and path of technological innovation and development of modern construction industry,

In a narrow sense, the integrated construction mainly focuses on the professional division of labor and cooperation and the coordination of construction links in the whole process of construction from entrusted design to completion and delivery.

At present, it has gradually entered a new stage of independent integrated innovation and development.

At present, the development direction of technology urgently needs to be clarified, the system integration technology urgently needs to be broken through, and the integration of technology and management urgently needs to be further improved.

Editor’s note: the construction industry is an important pillar industry of the national economy and has made important contributions to China’s economic and social development, urban and rural construction and the improvement of people’s livelihood.

The integrated construction method can solve the non coordination of the design of architecture, structure, electromechanical and decoration disciplines; Disconnection of design, production and construction; Fragmentation of development and construction; Management mechanism segmentation; Unclear responsibilities and rights of construction activities.

01 basic direction of technological innovation our reporter: over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, China’s construction industry technology has made continuous progress with the changes of domestic and international environment.

It covers and applies to several concepts related to engineering construction activities.

Therefore, we must make a conscious choice to actively develop new-type construction industrialization.

Second, we should adhere to the development direction of integrated construction.

When we do not pay attention to construction industrialization, although various production factors have developed and strengthened, there is a lack of collaborative innovation around a common goal among various production factors, The overall technological progress of the construction industry is affected to a certain extent.

In recent years, the new goal of the integration of the two modernizations put forward in the report of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has greatly promoted the integration of informatization and industrialization of China’s industries in a wider range, finer industries, wider fields, higher levels and deeper applications.

In recent years, China’s new building industrialization driven by prefabricated buildings has been rapidly promoted, and new construction methods are emerging.

Building industrialization is driven by informatization, and building industrialization promotes informatization.

The report of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly put forward that “we should adhere to the road of new industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization with Chinese characteristics, promote the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, the benign interaction between industrialization and urbanization, and the mutual coordination between urbanization and agricultural modernization, so as to promote the synchronous development of industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization”.

Therefore, China’s construction industry must adhere to the direction of construction industrialization for a long time, especially in the new era, we must guide enterprises to take the road of new construction industrialization and realize the modernization of construction industry, which is the inevitable result of the development of social productivity in the new era.

Please pay attention! Ye Ming, former deputy chief engineer of the science, technology and industrialization development center of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, is now the Secretary General of the construction industry modernization development committee of China Architectural Society, vice president of the construction industrialization branch of China Engineering Construction Standardization Association and professor level senior engineer.

Realizing the goal of building a powerful country in the construction industry is the objective need for China to move towards a powerful socialist modern country.

Third, we should adhere to the development direction of informatization driving construction industrialization.

Integrated construction takes “building” as the final product, and establishes the construction method of the whole process, omni-directional and whole system optimization of engineering construction.

The essence of integrated construction is a methodology about the construction mode, which is mainly proposed for the traditional and extensive construction mode, including production organization mode, design technology and method, construction technology, professional collaboration, information technology and integration technology, covering the solution of all-round and system optimization in the whole construction process.

Therefore, integrated construction is the realistic requirement for the development of construction industry to high quality.

At present, China is in a new stage of high-quality development.

The integration and synchronous development of building industrialization and informatization is not only an important feature of China’s modern construction industry, but also a major strategic choice.

Another important aspect of informatization driving the development of the construction industry is the informatization of enterprise management.

First, we should adhere to the development direction of new building industrialization.

In this sense, whether building industrialization is mentioned or not, the construction industry of all countries will embark on the road of building industrialization sooner or later.

In the new era of rapid development of China’s information technology, the innovative development of the construction industry must also be deeply integrated with information technology.

Information management can realize that different work subjects focus on the same work goal in different time domains, communicate information in time under the same information platform, ensure the timely transmission and symmetry of information, and improve the efficiency of information communication and collaborative work.

However, we must be soberly aware that there is still a big gap compared with the international advanced industrialized construction technology and the degree and level of industrialization.

Would you please analyze and judge the current development trend and future development direction? Ye Ming: from the perspective of technological progress, in terms of some individual technologies, to a certain extent, we have exceeded the technical level of developed countries.

The integrated development of China’s construction industry and informatization should be mainly reflected in: digital design technology will be fully used in the architectural design stage; Intelligent production technology will be fully used in the production stage; In the construction stage, the intelligent construction technology will be fully used to realize the digitization, intelligence and intelligence of the whole process of construction activities, so as to comprehensively improve the overall quality, efficiency and benefit of project construction.

Building industrialization is a systematic and directional problem of technological innovation in the construction industry.

Loop Box

In a broad sense, integrated construction should include all contents and elements of the whole process of housing construction.

However, we should also be aware that China’s system integration technology for housing construction is still far behind developed countries such as Europe, the United States and Japan.

The informatization of enterprise management is to realize the refinement of enterprise management through the deep integration of management and information interconnection technology, so as to improve the efficiency of enterprise operation and management and enhance social productivity.

From the perspective of construction links, it includes architectural design, product procurement, processing and manufacturing, on-site construction and completion, delivery and operation; From the perspective of professional division of labor, including architecture, structure, electromechanical, interior decoration, cost and other disciplines; From the perspective of production relations, including owners, investors, consultants, contractors, regulatory authorities, etc.

The differences between integrated construction and traditional construction are shown in Table 5-1.

Compared with the traditional construction methods, the integrated construction has realized the innovation and reform of housing construction methods, and comprehensively improved the quality, safety, efficiency and benefit of construction projects.

Recently, our reporter interviewed Ye Ming, Secretary General of the construction industry modernization development committee of China Architectural Society, a famous expert in the industry, on the development status of the construction industry and the construction of modern construction industry system, and will launch a series of special reports one after another.

The key to the integrated application of enterprise management information lies in “connection” and “communication”, and the purpose of China Unicom lies in “use”..

He has been engaged in the research, promotion and management of modern technology in the construction industry for a long time.

For example, the construction technology of super high-rise buildings, large-scale steel structure construction technology and municipal engineering technology such as bridges and tunnels.

Reviewing the development of China’s construction industry in various historical stages can show that when China advocates and promotes construction industrialization, the overall technological progress of the construction industry develops rapidly.

Putting forward and adhering to this development direction is more conducive to unifying the understanding of the government, scientific research, design, production, construction and related industries, clarifying objectives and coordinating actions.

However, for a long time, China’s construction industry has not been able to jump out of the format and development path of “industry” management, lack of “industry” thinking, and do not manage, plan and develop the construction industry as an “industry”.


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