He has worked as a ministerial leader at the construction site for 4 years and added new posts

Since then, Chen Fei’s nickname “Young Marshal of the Three Gorges” began to sound, and won the Chinese Youth May 4th medal in 1999.

According to the official website of Hunan SASAC, recently, Hunan SASAC held a meeting of organ cadres to announce the decision of the provincial Party Committee on the adjustment of the main leading comrades of Hunan SASAC: Comrade Chen Fei was appointed party secretary of Hunan SASAC.

Writing  | Meng yaxu zhengzhijun noted that the party secretary of Hunan SASAC has been in place.

He served as deputy general manager, member of the Standing Committee of the Party committee, deputy secretary of the Party committee and director of Gezhouba Co., Ltd, General manager of Longtan Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.

The party secretary is Chen Fei, vice governor, and the deputy party secretary and director are Cong peimo.

However, the students all went around and wanted to go to the research institute or design unit.

In the year of graduation, Gezhouba Engineering Bureau recruited people in the college.

In August 1986, Chen Fei reported to Gezhouba with his parents on his back and wrote a letter explaining his reason: “I may be more suitable for the construction unit.” Chen Fei’s explanation did not get the understanding of his parents in a short time, “they didn’t pay attention to me in a year.” Chen Fei spent four years on the front-line construction site and worked in construction, technology, scheduling Quality inspection and almost all the basic work.

Last October, he went to Shaanxi across provinces and is now the Deputy Secretary of Shaanxi provincial Party committee.

Before Chen Fei, Yao Laiying, then a member of the Standing Committee of the Hunan provincial Party committee, was the party secretary of Hunan SASAC.

Chen Fei himself also said: “wearing a helmet on the construction site, he was tanned, and he couldn’t tell who was the worker and who was the technician.” on November 8, 1997, the Three Gorges project was intercepted, and Chen Fei, as the deputy commander of the Three Gorges headquarters, commanded the river closure on site.

Before Chen Fei took office this time, Hunan had served three consecutive terms as party secretary of Hunan SASAC, all of which were concurrently held by members of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee.

No one was willing to go to the construction unit with difficult conditions.

In December 2003, Chen Fei assumed the post of deputy general manager of China Guodian Corporation.

In July 2017, Hu Henghua was transferred to Secretary of Changsha Municipal Party committee.

In October 2001, Chen Fei was appointed Deputy Secretary of Lincang Prefecture Party committee of Yunnan Province and transferred to deputy director of Yunnan Provincial Planning Commission in May 2002.

In the history of hydropower construction in the world, it broke four world records: the closure water depth was 60 meters, the flow was 8300 cubic meters per second, 194400 cubic meters of earth and rock were thrown per day and 10400 cubic meters per hour.

At present, Chen Fei is the fourth vice governor of Hunan.

In order not to make any mistakes, while seriously organizing the technical team to study and formulate the optimal closure scheme, he even started the “dress rehearsal” a month ago.

In November of that year, Hu Henghua, then mayor of Changsha, became a member of the Standing Committee of Hunan provincial Party committee and concurrently served as party secretary of Hunan SASAC.

In May this year, Yao Laiying went to Beijing to perform his duties.

In May 2019, Zhang Jianfei was transferred to Secretary General of Hunan provincial Party committee.

Materials Hunan Daily, Xinhua news agency, people’s daily, Beijing Daily, etc.

They didn’t want Chen Fei to go to Gezhouba.

After the adjustment, Hunan SASAC has two top leaders.

According to public information, Chen Fei graduated from the Department of water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering Architecture and construction of Wuhan Institute of water resources and electric power.

In August 2016, Wen Zhiqiang resigned as party secretary and deputy director of Hunan SASAC.

He has a university degree, master of economics and professor level senior engineer.

In December 2017, Zhang Jianfei became a member of the Standing Committee of Hunan provincial Party committee.

Fixing Socket Cross Hole

He wrote a letter to his mother expressing his wish to go to the grass-roots level for exercise.

At that time, Chen Fei was also at the scene.

Chen Fei, male, Han nationality, was born in Nantong, Jiangsu Province in November 1963.

At the scene, Mao Weiming stressed that the provincial SASAC should manage and make good use of state-owned assets, promote state-owned enterprises to become stronger, better and bigger, be a good “chain leader” of innovation, improve economic contribution, and strive to be a leader in implementing the “three high and four new” strategy and building a modern new Hunan.

He arranged more than 1000 large-scale mechanical equipment participating in the closure in good order, and successively organized two “practical exercises” of stone throwing on site.

He said that we should implement the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform against the standard, adhere to key breakthroughs, problem orientation, stimulate vitality, formulate a list of due diligence and compliance exemptions for operation and investment, and ensure significant progress in the reform of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises.

On the day of closure, the whole process was “safe, punctual and orderly”, which took only six and a half hours.

After graduation, he went to Gezhouba Engineering Bureau.

They hoped that he would go to Shanghai or Jiangsu and have a family reunion after retirement in the future.

The college mobilized student cadres to set an example.

He is now a member of the Party committee and deputy director of the State Administration of taxation.

In January 2018, he served as vice governor of Hunan Province for more than three years.

In January 2010, he became a director, general manager and Party member of China Three Gorges Corporation and a member of the Three Gorges Project Construction Committee of the State Council.

Chen Fei, who has worked in the field of water conservancy and hydropower projects for nearly 30 years, was once a well-known “Three Gorges young commander” in China.

In September 2019, Yao Laiying, then vice mayor of Tianjin, went to Hunan across the province, and later served as member of the Standing Committee of Hunan provincial Party committee and Secretary of the Party committee of the provincial SASAC.

We should deepen the reform of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises.

He started working in July 1986 and joined the Communist Party of China in November 1985.

At that time, his parents were far away in Lhasa for aiding Tibet.

Chen Fei is the only one of all the mobilized student cadres who “responded to the organization’s call” and set an example.

He is responsible for science and technology, industry and informatization, transportation, state-owned assets supervision and enterprise reform, small and medium-sized enterprises, ports, electric power, communication and “two cigarettes”.

On July 21, Mao Weiming, deputy secretary of Hunan provincial Party committee and governor, went to SASAC for investigation.

Now, Chen Fei has become the new party secretary of Hunan SASAC.

After Hu Henghua left office, Zhang Jianfei, then vice governor of Hunan Province, assumed the new post of Party Secretary of Hunan SASAC.

After that, he worked in the water conservancy system for many years.

The first three were members of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee.

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In 2014, Chen Fei assumed the post of deputy director of the Three Gorges Office of the State Council, and “airborne” Hunan at the end of 2017.

“Old hydropower” recalled: “a short and thin child (Chen Fei) followed the old engineer with a pile of drawings and instruments every day.” some older workers even shouted at him directly.


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