Have you kept up with the general trend of construction workers looking for jobs online?

Therefore, there is still a great market prospect.

There are countless families behind it.

It can’t continue to work in one place for a long time, so there will be frequent job changes.

The point of view of this problem is based on the current environment, because there is still a certain difference between the worker group, that is, blue collar workers and white-collar workers in the workplace office, and the recruitment system for the office is basically very mature, Many large recruitment software can have more choices! When it comes to workers looking for jobs online, we have to explain the problems faced by construction and decoration workers: 1.

For the recruitment of blue collar industry, various software layers are endless.

When they mention online job hunting, many people will say that there are many liars, unreliable, unreliable, and don’t give money after work.

Many workers are post-60s, Post-70s and post-80s.

Many jobs are temporary workers, limited by the short construction period.

Basically, as long as you basically have your own communication group in the same industry no matter what carpentry, welder, water electrician or decoration industry, group chat will often release some recruitment information, which is the epitome of a recruitment platform and the rudiment of the latest simple foundation at the beginning of online job hunting.

There are still many different ways, but the use of the Internet is only auxiliary and has no decisive role.

Now more than 30 million people use this convenient way to greet online.

Before, they went to a place to find a job.

I have summarized the above four points, Personally, I think this is the biggest dilemma facing workers looking for a job.

The industry can continue to be stable, but it’s hard to say where to work.

Generally, where to work and where to make money.

At present, the larger ones should be yupao.com The site recruitment is still a relatively large platform, and it is constantly improving the platform, trying its best to make workers find jobs safer and more efficient, which is also the original intention of the live search network! For the welfare of workers! China is a society with 300 million workers.

One day, it will make it easier for workers across the country to find a job! QQ group 925078799, password? Open sesame door, qq2300665262 construction method of adding group gravel pile, bidding quotation adjustment method, recommended collection! According to the drawings, reinforcement blanking and calculation of reinforcement construction log, the following contents shall be recorded..

Habits are hard to change.

Of course, many people will wait for work from some group chat, because the social software we all use now still has many good functions.

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If today’s young people want to find a job, they basically contact them first through the Internet, and then go to work.

In fact, a large part of the workers’ groups are still introduced by acquaintances or in the labor market.

There are too many uncertain factors facing the industry.

In fact, there are many platforms or software for workers to take orders and find jobs on the Internet.

First of all, we need to understand the main factor of the problem, that is, whether construction workers are migrant workers, and whether online job hunting will be a general trend in the future.


Some of the platforms or software for contracted projects may not be well-known, but many workers at the forefront are already using them to find jobs.

People don’t trust online job hunting.


Of course, some will be solved step by step with the passage of time, because now many older workers gradually retire, more and more contemporary young people continue to do it, and young people still rely on mobile phones.


Many people were already engaged in the industry at that time and did not use the Internet to find a job.


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