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We hope that Harbin opera house will be a cultural center, a large performance venue and an attractive place in the future The eye-catching public space reflects the integration of human, art and urban image.

The natural light falls on the ash wall in the theater atrium, highlighting the combination of the wall and local materials.

Let’s rethink the relationship between man and nature.

People can feel the pouring of sunlight wherever they go.

It is a “friendly” building that can be accessed from all directions, emphasizing the interaction and participation of citizens.

Harbin Grand Theater is a landmark building in Harbin.

Ma Yansong led mad architectural firm to design, including a 1600 seat Grand Theater and a 400 seat small theater.

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The musician compaillo once said, “music is the sound of thinking.” Harbin Grand Theater provides a suitable atmosphere and place for producing such a sound, and becomes a building that interacts with man and nature physically and spiritually.

Compared with the urban skyline in the south of the Songhua River, the natural beauty and uniqueness exist here, which makes the Harbin Grand Theater functional and a land landscape integrating humanities, art and nature.

3 The data includes: 3D model library + material map + HD scene map + introduction directory.

Key points of design: the building should interact with people.

It is built according to water, consistent with the positioning and design of Harbin cultural Island, reflecting the design concept of northern scenery and land landscape, It is more beautiful against the snow in winter! Haven’t you seen enough of daily sharing? No problem! Xiaobian today brought you this set of 3dsmax model of Harbin Grand Theater: 3dsmax2016 + Cr5 0 renderer WYSIWYG! Advantages of this set of documents: 1 Total data size: 0.34g2 The data classification is clear, easy to find, and the preview image has no watermark.

The building, like a fluttering ribbon, grows from nature and becomes a part of the white horizon of the north.

The building looks like a rising wind and water, seamlessly integrates with nature and terrain, and instills local characteristics, art and culture.

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Harbin Grand Theater does not stand alone in the city.

If there are too many material maps, they will not be displayed.

The collection method is attached at the end of the document (some legends are shown below).

Ma Yansong, founder of madarchitects, said: “Embedded in the wetland of Harbin, the design of Harbin Opera House responds to the spirit and power of the wild and cold climate of northern cities.

The glass skylight on the top maximizes the introduction of natural light into the room.

Harbin Grand Theater breaks through the ice from the wetland, and the building grows from nature like a fluttering ribbon, becoming a part of the continuous white horizon in the North ▲▼ Harbin Grand Theater mad architecture firm Harbin Grand Theater is located on the North Bank of Songhua River, inspired by the surrounding wet natural scenery and the characteristics of ice in the north.

” Key points of design: the blending of space and soul.


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