Hangzhou Qiushui Villa

Front picture high energy!! Please check Wi Fi or 3G Open ▼ project overview with sufficient 4G flow project name | Hangzhou Qiushui villa project location | Hangzhou project design office, Zhejiang Province, China | project area | 6000 ㎡ opening time | 2021 project nature | commercial space | project space | hotel from the western use of Chinese sports proposed by the Westernization faction in the late Qing Dynasty to the freedom and democracy of the May 4th movement, From the survival of the nation in the war era to the emancipation of the mind in the reform and opening up, the coexistence of Chinese and Western cultures has always been an unavoidable problem.

The aesthetic characteristics of contemporary art are also dotted in the space, such as the artistic installations and materials of swimming pool.

Today, when we look at Qiushui villa nearly a hundred years ago with a confident cultural attitude, things are right and people are different, mountains and rivers are vast, but the integration of Chinese and Western cultures has achieved a high degree of fit in that era.

The dispute between Chinese and Western body and use is not only the satisfaction of function or the integration of culture, but also the interpretation and elaboration of the spirit behind its people and things in the contemporary context.

Chinese-Western is more about seeking benevolence and righteousness under the impact of the fate of the country and the culture of the times.

The modernity of aesthetic culture and the change of aesthetic audience.

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As contemporaries, Shen Qiushui, Xu Zhimo, Yu Dafu, Li Shutong, Nan Huaijin, Feng Zikai and others, or literature, art, writer, Gao Xie and painting The humanistic spirit paid attention to by the elite class of humanisticcare and the sense of rationality and value expressed in space are contained in both Chinese and Western cultural situations, which reflects a strong humanistic concern.

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