Guizhou Xuda Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. wishes you: Happy New Year’s Day!

It was an unforgettable year.

In this year, when employees are working hard for their work, they forget their birthday, but we remember, because we are not only working partners, but also family.

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Let’s dedicate today’s time to the 2022 corporate culture dedicated to us in the past.

State: effort to powerlessness, struggle to move their own ideas: win the hearts of the people with service, get benefits with service, develop with service Scanning the above two-dimensional code with service happiness, and pay attention to Guizhou hotline Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

In ancient China, the dates represented by “New Year’s Day” were not exactly the same.

Production: quality first, safety first.

This is a moving year.

The Xia Dynasty took the first day of the first month as new year’s day, the Shang Dynasty took the first day of December as new year’s day, the Zhou Dynasty took the first day of November as new year’s day, and the Qin Dynasty took the first day of October as new year’s day.

Until Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, historians reformulated the calendar and took the first day of the first month as new year’s day, which was used until the end of the Qing Dynasty.

At the same time, we put the concept of serving owners and workers first and insist on being the best construction service provider around you! In this year, we have always maintained a high-efficiency working state, strictly implemented the attitude and strictly controlled the quality of Engineering Certificate.

Does “New Year’s Day” mean new year’s day in the Gregorian calendar or new year’s day in the lunar calendar? In fact, January 1 of the Gregorian calendar is called New Year’s day after 1949.

Business operation: integrity-based, service-based.

Time flies.

We have taken many first steps in this year.

Mission: to become the best service provider in the construction industry.

Despite the cold weather, we are not afraid of cold weather, and all of us are energetic “fighting” in our posts.

This year, we were moved and happy.

We have gained valuable experience through continuous learning, discussion and practice in our work.

In this year, we carried out many League building activities to let everyone relax in their busy working state.

Happy New Year’s day.

Some days are very difficult, but we still insist.

Vision: adult enterprises Enterprise happiness and employee happiness values: pursue excellence, sincere dedication, carry forward the craftsman spirit and create a better tomorrow.

In 2021, the construction industry was constantly updated and improved, The company’s employees insist on “reading ten thousand books, traveling ten thousand miles, talking and doing one thing with ten thousand people “Concept.

Finally, looking back on this year, some moments are still shining and some moments are still moving.

This year, we “Fight” to the end, just like the values of our company, carry forward the craftsman spirit and strive to be powerless.

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