Guangxi Xinyang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. went to Maling Town, Hengzhou City to carry out the theme activity of promoting rural

The picture shows the scene of the charity donation ceremony.

On the morning of September 5, 2022, Guangxi Xinyang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

went to Maling Town to carry out the theme activity of promoting rural revitalization.

Lifting Anchor

Through the construction of public welfare posts in the countryside and the establishment of a regular communication mechanism between government, banks and enterprises, we accurately recommend the labor force from poor households (monitoring households) to increase employment income at home.

The county job stabilization subsidies are currently being applied for, and the first batch of 26 application materials have been submitted to the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau; The second is to increase employment income at home.

The picture shows the discussion with the representatives of the poverty-stricken households (monitoring households).

Liang Yuexu, the secretary of Maling Town Party Committee, and the leadership at home, as well as all the cadres and staff of Maling Town Rural Revitalization Office participated in the event.

Since this year, Maling Town has made efforts to implement the inclusive policy of livelihood security, establish a precise recommendation mechanism to achieve employment at home, carefully cultivate the “one village, one product” characteristic industry, mobilize social forces to participate in rural revitalization and other measures, Good results have been achieved in rural revitalization and poverty reduction.

Recently, the whole town has been carrying out the activities of eliminating poverty (monitoring households) to supplement their income.

The papaya has realized continuous cultivation and large-scale cultivation, about 4000 mu, with an annual output of 28000 tons of fresh papaya, forming a product mainly composed of papaya pulp, semi-finished papaya (shredded papaya), and papaya pickles, with a comprehensive output value of 100 million yuan; Fourth, mobilize social forces to participate in the promotion of rural revitalization.

The medical insurance and pension payments of poverty-stricken households have been dynamically cleared.

We have organized people to help them feel the willingness to work out of poverty, and promoted the “Hengzhou Employment” WeChat official account, Provide professional guidance and promote employment for 20 poverty-stricken households who have the desire to work; Third, the characteristic industries benefit everyone.

The picture shows the town leadership and the loving enterprises visiting the households to comfort the representatives of the poverty-stricken households.

First, people’s livelihood security has been implemented in place, including education, medical care, drinking water, industrial subsidies, rain and dew plan, micro-credit, inter-provincial transportation subsidies, and intra-county job stabilization subsidies and other inclusive policies for people’s livelihood security.

Maling Town Rural Revitalization Office has set up a working group to study and judge the households with weak points in the income monitoring data one by one, and mobilize social forces, especially the enterprises within the jurisdiction, through the analysis of income modules, the formation of supporting pairs, and the donation of caring enterprises, to supplement the existing weak points, We will comprehensively promote rural revitalization.

The industrial chain of jasmine, watermelon and papaya has been continuously extended, which has become the characteristic industries of rural revitalization with Maling’s local characteristics that benefit everyone.

The people have realized daily income and the flower price has gradually increased.

On the day of the event, the relevant person in charge of Maling Town introduced the labor demand of the poverty-stricken households (monitoring households) in the whole town and discussed the matters related to the recommendation of the poverty-stricken people to work.

The company and its party donated a batch of love goods worth about 25000 yuan to Maling Town, such as edible oil, rice, moon cakes, and went to visit some representatives of the poverty-stricken households (monitoring households) and sent holiday greetings.

Contributed by: Maling Town Rural Revitalization Office, preliminary review: Zhang Lihua, review: Gan Juixing, final review: Su Ding..

At present, 96 public welfare posts have been set up in the town, and the cumulative income of the poor households (monitoring households) has reached 224300 yuan.

The planting area of jasmine in the town has reached 11000 mu.

Jasmine has become a veritable flower for millions of households to become rich.

The industrial subsidies have been distributed to 193 households with 37966600 yuan, and the rain and dew plan benefits 40 students from poverty-stricken households with 56700 yuan, 21 new micro-credit loans were granted with a total amount of 1.02 million yuan, and 79 cross-provincial transportation subsidies were granted with a total amount of 3.95 million yuan.

The average annual planting scale of Maling Watermelon is more than 20000 mu, the output is more than 60000 tons, and the output value is more than 100 million yuan.


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