Grade 18 architectural cognition practice in autumn 2021 (3)

It can be said that this internship toured the cities with profound history and culture in the Central Plains and met the students more The charm of our hometown comes to Kaifeng in this season.

Then they came to Kaifeng Museum.

In addition to visiting Anyang character Museum, we also visited the Yin Ruins Museum After arriving at the Yin Ruins Museum, it took nearly an hour and a half to follow the guide’s explanation and complete the whole tour route.

During the five-day trip, there are different experiences and gains every day.

It is easy to understand that the detailed design of bus stops is also integrated with oracle bone inscriptions.

Until they come here, they are shocked by the regular roof forms on both sides of the street.

As an architectural student and future architectural designer, of course, they always pay attention to the surrounding buildings.

Luoyang, known as the ancient capital of the thirteen dynasties, and then visited the ancient capital of the eight dynasties – Kaifeng.

This visit not only learned from Celebrities who came out of Kaifeng mansion also saw the ancient buildings inside.

When you are ready to go in the morning, listen carefully to the guide’s explanation, visit, rest, walk lightly and gracefully on the suspension bridge, queue up, wait for the bus, immerse in viewing, watch, have a happy group photo ★.

Many people have also been attracted by the bustling Kaifeng City of Tokyo, the capital of the Northern Song Dynasty, described by elder Meng.

In particular, it will be proud to quote the cultural elements of our hometown in the design.

I still remember that a classmate in Kaifeng talked about the museum design in the second semester of my junior year It can be seen that as architectural students, accumulating more architectural design cases will really help to stimulate our inspiration.

Ringlock Scaffolding Ledger End

During this period, the teacher also found It took time to collect and check everyone’s hand-painted works.

Towards the end of the internship, we came to Kaifeng and Anyang and visited the famous local buildings.

They still enter Kaifeng house orderly under the unified arrangement of the monitor.

During the day, we have to take time to complete three sketches after returning to the accommodation at night.

For example, Oracle related elements can be seen at the bus waiting point beside the road.

After visiting Kaifeng Museum, we can leave for an Walking in the streets of the city, Yang can also feel the culture of the city from small details.

Every visit should follow the pace of the commentator and listen to the historical experience of this place.

Through the window, we can see the blooming chrysanthemums on both sides of the street.

It was amazing that the journey was full and interesting.

This bus waiting station integrates the “word” in Chinese characters Through some deformation, the writing method of oracle bone inscriptions constitutes the elements we see in the photos, and is unified with the landmark structures outside the character Museum.

We all know that Anyang is one of the eight ancient capitals of China and the hometown of oracle bone inscriptions.

Our children in the school must want to see the progress of architectural students on the way of research and study Finally, let’s share some photos during the internship and witness the internship moment with our partners.

At the same time, when everyone got off the bus, the teacher called us together and told everyone about the sketch tasks to be completed.

This is also the reason why we want to carry out architectural cognition practice.

Finally, of course, we have to go to see the Yin Ruins Museum designed by the architectural design master Cui Kai.

In these five days, we went to different places to meet the cultures of different cities.

Therefore, during the five-day internship, we still have sketch homework to complete every day.

The five-day itinerary was full.


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