[Funing Recruitment] Yunnan Native Construction Labor Subcontracting Co., Ltd

In Dongchuan, Huize, Tengchong, Nujiang, Dali, Qujing and other large and medium-sized cities in and outside the province, the company has successively undertaken the subgrade CFG pile works of the second contract section of civil engineering of Yunnan Gongdong Expressway, the installation and construction of passive and active protective nets of the second contract section of civil engineering of Yunnan Gongdong Expressway, the construction and installation contract of temporary explosive magazine, and the subgrade works of K33+700~K34+685 section of Yunnan Tengchong-Houqiao Expressway Project For the labor operation tasks of the subgrade works of the tenth contract section K69+000~K71+710 of Baoshan-Lushui Expressway, the company’s work in operation technology, quality, safe and civilized construction, safety education of operators, wage payment and other management aspects has been unanimously praised by the units at all levels and the supervision competent units.

It is a limited liability company with independent legal personality, covering all types of work in the road and construction industry, implementing independent operation, independent accounting, and taking responsibility for its own profits and losses.

With a registered capital of 22 million yuan, the company has 16 professional and technical personnel of all kinds, and 350 labor workers with corresponding qualifications, including 80 senior workers, 110 intermediate workers, and 160 junior workers.

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Enterprise introduction Yunnan Native Construction Labor Subcontracting Co., Ltd.

The technical leaders of all professional types of work are all held by the personnel with the title of assistant engineer or above or the senior workers of the discipline.

The number of weighers recruited: 2 people Salary: 3000 yuan – 5000 yuan Welfare: five insurance, food, housing, performance bonus, flexible work, project bonus The site needs weighers and gaugers, can use computers, can endure hardships and live on the site! Contact: Work address 1: Funing Pi’ai Town, Wenshan, Yunnan Work address 2: Nuoliang Township, Cangyuan, Lincang, Yunnan.

With various small construction equipment, the company is a construction labor subcontracting enterprise with strong comprehensive strength.

In the field of construction labor subcontracting, we will wholeheartedly provide you with high-quality services.

Based in Yunnan and facing the whole country is our development direction.

Business scope of the company: construction labor subcontracting; General contracting of highway engineering construction, municipal public engineering construction, water conservancy and hydropower engineering construction, bridge engineering, tunnel engineering, fire protection facilities engineering, building decoration engineering, railway engineering, ready-mixed concrete, housing construction and airport runway engineering; Design and construction of landscaping works; Design and construction of safety protection works; Lease of general machinery and equipment; Installation of electromechanical equipment; Sales of labor protection articles; Car wash rental; The manufacturing and installation of signs and signs are subcontracted to the construction enterprise qualification certificate and the general road transportation qualification, which are not divided into different grades.

was established in February 2016 at Kunming Guandu District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau.


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