Five departments release the innovation and development plan of intelligent photovoltaic industry n improve the application level of

The mass production and conversion efficiency of new high-efficiency solar cells has been significantly improved, forming perfect supporting capabilities such as silicon materials, silicon wafers, equipment, materials and devices.

At the same time, we should develop intelligent photovoltaic products and build a diversified intelligent photovoltaic product system suitable for the roofs of rural self owned buildings, urban and building energy conservation, ecological transportation network, etc.

The Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and other five departments have jointly issued the action plan for the innovation and development of intelligent photovoltaic industry (2021-2025), which requires to improve the application level of building intelligent photovoltaic.

The plan proposes that by 2025, the intelligent level of photovoltaic industry will be significantly improved and breakthroughs will be made in industrial technological innovation.

Significant progress has been made in intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing, and the supply capacity of intelligent photovoltaic products has been enhanced.

Carry out regional photovoltaic distributed application demonstration with intelligent photovoltaic system as the core and new technologies such as energy storage and building power demand response as the carrier.

Improve the application level of building intelligent photovoltaic.

The construction of intelligent photovoltaic industry ecosystem has been basically completed, and the integration level with the new generation of information technology has been gradually deepened.

The plan requires that the intelligent photovoltaic system for residential roofs be promoted in urban and rural areas where conditions permit, and the new government is encouraged to invest in public welfare buildings and promote the solar roof system.

We should expand the coupling of intelligent photovoltaic technology, develop intelligent photovoltaic DC system, carry out technical research on photovoltaic energy storage DC coupling system, and expand the application of DC loads such as photovoltaic DC buildings and solar street lamps.

Actively carry out the building construction demonstration of “light storage, direct and flexible” integrating photovoltaic power generation, energy storage, DC distribution and flexible power consumption.

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The application scale in green industry, green building, green transportation, green agriculture, Rural Revitalization and other new fields has been gradually expanded to form a stable business operation mode to effectively meet the needs of multi scenario large-scale applications.

The plan proposes to accelerate industrial technological innovation and carry out cross technology research on the combination of intelligent photovoltaic and building energy conservation.

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