Five billion! Yingde introduces intelligent mobile building industry base project

It is the world’s first intelligent agriculture relying on the intelligent mobile building track system to mount all agricultural machinery and all intelligent unmanned operation.

The total investment of the project is planned to be 5 billion yuan, the annual production capacity will be 7 billion yuan after completion, the estimated annual operating revenue will be 3 billion yuan, and the comprehensive tax will be 110 million yuan Billion yuan, with a construction period of five years.

Framework agreement on investment cooperation of intelligent mobile building industry base project The signing ceremony was held in Yingde municipal government.

After completion, the annual income will be about 100 million yuan and the comprehensive tax will be about 5 million yuan.

Yingde Municipal People’s government will cooperate with Shujun space technology (Qingyuan) Co., Ltd.

The experimental center is located in the south of the city On the basis of the existing Hengshishui experimental center, it is planned to invest 800 million yuan to build 2000 mu in three years.

After completion, it is expected to increase 500000 tourists a year, 200000 tourists staying for more than one day, with an annual revenue of 200 million yuan and a comprehensive tax of about 10 million yuan.

Jiao Ying photographed the application demonstration section of the scenic spot, which will create a national 5A scenic spot by expanding the construction scope of the scenic spot in the south of Baojing palace, adding new content, upgrading the grade and superimposing the characteristics and advantages of intelligent mobile buildings that integrate all elements of food, housing, tourism, shopping, entertainment and travel in accordance with the standard of creating a national 5A scenic spot.

Pre With a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan, we will build a 40 km long elevated track, 600 intelligent mobile rooms, functional rooms such as eating, drinking, reading, fitness and shopping, as well as ancillary amusement facilities and supporting facilities.

“Today’s signing is just the starting point.

The construction period is three years.

The superior location conditions and accessible transportation network have given Yingde great industrial and economic development potential.

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In particular, the intelligent mobile building and track mounted agricultural machinery technology have obtained the national invention patent authorization, which has a strong technical competitive advantage.

Yuan Chengjun pointed out that the intelligent mobile construction industry base project covers many fields of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, which is very in line with Yingde’s industry Industrial economic development direction.

“Today’s signing ceremony of this project is of positive significance to the start-up and development of intelligent mobile building industry in our city.” Yuan Chengjun, vice mayor of Yingde, said at the signing ceremony that Yingde is located within the construction radiation of “double zones” and Hengqin Qianhai cooperation zones, “four high speed, two railways and two rivers” The traffic pattern has effectively shortened the space-time distance between Yingde and Dawan district and major cities in the Pearl River Delta.

At present, the municipal government is fully implementing the decision-making and deployment of the first session of the 14th Party Congress and the first session of the 16th National People’s Congress of Yingde to establish a solid “project is the king” The concept is to focus on project construction and take multiple measures to develop and expand the scale of industrial economy.

The “blue word” is concerned about the official account of the Great Britain and Germany: the afternoon of November 30th, the signing ceremony of the framework agreement on investment cooperation of the intelligent mobile construction industry base was held in municipal government of Yingde.

The construction content of the project includes R & D center and manufacturing base, scenic spot application demonstration and experimental center.

After the base project is implemented, it will help drive the resource agglomeration and technological innovation of the city’s intelligent building industry and add impetus to the economic development of Britain and Germany.

The huge development potential and policy opportunities in the next five years have laid a solid foundation for the successful settlement of the intelligent mobile construction industry base project in Yingde.

The municipal government will do its best with the greatest sincerity to create a good business environment for the project, provide high-quality government services, and try its best to promote the early completion of the project.” Yuan Chengjun said.

cooperates with mobile building as the leader, drives upstream and downstream enterprises to gather around R & D and equipment manufacturing, and establishes a mobile building industrial park.

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