fierce! Bozhilin construction robot is on the “news network” again!

What’s the highlight? The “14th five year plan” has embarked on a new journey.

The growth rate of China’s high-tech manufacturing industry has accelerated, and high-tech manufacturing clusters are accelerating the formation of office buildings of bozhilin construction robot company to help China’s high-quality economic development A variety of construction robots appeared in the report lens, which not only showed the latest achievements in the diversified business layout of country garden, but also reflected the scientific and technological strength of the enterprise.

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on November 28, bozhilin robot appeared again in CCTV news network.

This time, bozhilin construction robot appeared on the screen as a benchmark case of high-quality development in Guangdong Province.

Bozhilin construction robots in the display operation in the report of news broadcast have been put into commercial application services, covering nearly 120 projects in 18 provinces, with a cumulative delivery of more than 400 floor cleaning robots with a cumulative application construction of more than 4.5 million square meters, It can be called the “clean pacesetter” floor tile paving robot on the construction site, and 666 indoor spraying robots in single row and double row: “I’m a painter with strong painting skills”.

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Bo Zhilin continues to move forward! Source: CCTV News Network Editor / format: cat sucking essence walking the dog reviser: sunshine is just right..

In the report of news network, it was shown that bozhilin office building has achieved multiple “zeros” in bozhilin technology and products in just three years since its establishment As of mid November 2021, 3441 valid patent applications have been submitted and 1605 have been authorized, including navigation, vision Multi machine scheduling and other technologies have filled the gap in the field of construction robots.

At 19:11 p.m.

Now “robot building a house” is no longer a fantasy, but has gradually become a reality, marching into a new blue ocean of intelligent construction and leading high-quality development.


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