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If he did care, he would not make such a big noise! The guy in front of us is a lord who is not afraid of heaven and earth.

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With a long cry, he suddenly became angry.

How could you have such powerful mana…” seeing this move, Du Yun was almost scared to death.

“Bao Xing, don’t listen to his posturing.

Therefore, what Jinghong can’t do, he certainly can’t do.

In that case, leave them an unforgettable lesson! He didn’t avoid the dagger stabbed by Du Yun, and pointed it forward directly.

Maybe the current strength is just an affectation! “Affectation? I don’t know what regret is if I don’t show you some face s è!” Nie Yun didn’t know that they compared themselves with Jing Hong.

His words just now were just pretending.

Du Yun is tightly attached to the ground, like a wax cake.

He doesn’t know what fear and scruples are! It’s a big deal to bear the temporary humiliation.

Just now, a move defeated the joint attack of everyone, and the magic power burst out.

The bones of his whole body were making uncontrolled “creak! Creak!” noises.

Once he succeeds, he will definitely jump into the sky.

Hearing Du Yun’s roar, the law enforcement team disciples who were originally afraid immediately doubted yunyun.

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With his actions, the remaining law enforcement disciples joined hands to attack again.

It can be seen from the fact that he has occupied the first place in the empty space breaking potential list all year round.

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If he really wanted to do it, he and others would not be able to escape.

His five fingers opened.

“Ah…” the law enforcement disciples knelt down at the same time.

All his knees were soft and knelt on the ground.

It is said that once caught, the dragon can be caught.

Crackle! The extremely sharp and unique spirit soldier touched his fingertips, and a burst of crisp noise was forcibly broken into pieces.

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“Let’s do it together and die…” Du Yun is a genius after all.

This move was not created casually by him, but a martial skill learned in a previous life in the hands of a powerful demon man.

Boom! The space in front of the palm was cracked under his grasp, and a palm like a dragon’s claw was pinched to Du Yun.

Even Jinghong, who has always been famous for the richness of the sea of Qi, may consume clean mana and have no ability to fight a second time! Can this Yunfeng’s mana be more powerful than Jinghong? It should be impossible…

At the same time, his body shook and glided in the air for a few steps.

One million meritorious deeds are a large amount for anyone, enough to exchange six or seven excellent spiritual soldiers.

Although this move does not have the destructive power of Maha God’s palm, the heavy pressure can’t even resist the strong in the early stage of breaking the empty territory! Boom! The palm force fell slowly.

The most important thing of Huayun sect is contribution value, which can exchange skill scripts and various treasures.

Now it seems that these people don’t know good or bad, and if they are not really cruel, they will be like locusts and can’t be eliminated.

He knew his strength and dared to do so.

He really wanted to hang it on the tree like tiehe at the beginning, and he lost his face! As for whether he would care about the identity of law enforcement disciples such as himself, he would not be a killer…

All kinds of moves are combined to make him more rounded and satisfactory.

The timing was very accurate.

Of course, it must be exaggeration to catch the dragon, but at least it shows that this move is very powerful.

That move must have consumed all the mana and deliberately pretended to be strong to hide people’s ears and eyes!” suddenly, Du Yun roared with a ferocious face s è.

No wonder they wonder that everyone’s sea of Qi has a certain size.

Before, because they thought they were law enforcement disciples and didn’t want to make things too big, they didn’t kill people.

“It’s impossible…

Bao Xing and others felt the same as the collapse of heaven and earth.

Although this move is still the fourth move of Maha God’s palm, the stars are boundless, but he slightly changed the violent power, but transformed into the power of the earth.

After discussing with Ling Yue of dantai, he has a new understanding of martial arts.

Although he didn’t know the name of this move, he could see from the power alone that this unique move with infinite power was completely supported by powerful mana.

He thought that the mana in Yunfeng’s body had run out.

Now it seems that it’s not the case at all.

Bao Xing and others felt dignity sweeping the floor and their eyes were red..

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Once elder Lu Xiao comes out in person, it’s his bad luck! At that time, you can come back with interest! “One million meritorious deeds!” Nie Yun said faintly.

It was impossible to prevent Nie Yun from pulling back when he couldn’t avoid it! “Do it!” seeing Du Yun’s action, Bao Xing also flashed a hatred in his eyes.

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“One million? You…” Bao Xing and others turned ugly when they heard Nie Yun’s words.

After such deliberation, Du Yun is right.

“Die!” Nie Yun didn’t expect this Bao Xing.

They should not be used for other purposes.

The team has a special agent communication group and enjoys the support and support of the team.

Without mana, it had no effect at all.

A cold shining dagger suddenly appeared in the palm of his hand.

It is said that he will directly reach the middle stage in the early stage of breaking the empty space Later is possible! Because of this evil spirit, although they also know that the cloud wind in front of them is strong, they still feel that it can’t be Jinghong’s opponent.

He was caught by a move and his face flashed in panic.

“Nothing is impossible, come here!” ignoring his nonsense, Nie Yun took the dragon’s hand, shrouded Du Yun, grabbed it in the palm of his hand and brought it over.

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Jinghong’s evil degree has exceeded everyone’s imagination.

It is said that he can break through the empty space long ago and has not broken through all the time because some of his cultivation skills have not reached a great degree of perfection.

Suddenly, a huge magic force fell down like a mountain.

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His anger surged up.

Even Bao Xing, as the most important person in the law enforcement team, can’t get so much contribution.

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He sneered and grabbed his feet in the air.

With the help of Nie Yun’s power to pull him back, he suddenly stabbed him.


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