Exclusive century old buildings! “Suhe River banquet” explores the profound meaning of huaiyue cuisine!

Braised Abalone with black truffle is made of three layers of streaky pork from Jinhua and Zhangzi Island, with fresh abalone from Zhangzi Island, Dalian.

After stirring, it presents an unexpected light and endless aftertaste.

What is wonderful is not only the three kinds of peppers on the surface, but also the unique compact meat quality in the semi wild state and a large number of chicken soup used for steaming fish are the key factors to make the fish fresh, spicy, cool and tender.

Like its name, it is full of sweet, bitter and spicy flavors.

In the classic thick oil red sauce method of our dishes, the most unique is a layer of Wuchang fragrant rice at the bottom of the pot, which well combines the shells of abalone, the fragrance of black truffle and the waxy of braised meat.

More than 80 whiskies, niche RIWEI, singlemalt, and amazing hidden wines! Happy lemon is the first choice for postprandial cocktails, with lemon liqueur as the main flavor, with Citronella, nettle wine and lemon special flavor.

Han Wei, a talented pioneer chef   Continue the brand concept of “nature’s Porter” and bring high-quality ingredients from Jiangyin, Xiangshan and other places to the table  · Insist on giving priority to tradition and supplemented by innovation · launch a tip of the tongue exploration on the Bank of Suzhou river for thousands of years · focus on Huaiyang cuisine with “fresh raw materials and fine knife work”, supplemented by Guangdong cuisine known as the leading cuisine in China.

▁▁▁▁▁▁▁ inspired by the brand, the riverside of the river banquet with fruit fragrance at the entrance; Send out sweet smell, full of tropical island wind, Sagittarius love; Jasmine rose, which is improved from the classic sour series cocktails, each cup has a slightly intoxicating magic.

Maiji on the first floor is an elegant bar hidden in the Su River banquet.

Singapore pepper treasure crab ▏▏▏▏▏▏▏▏▏▏ Yunnan characteristic refers to the day pepper mixed with more than a dozen spices in Southeast Asia.

Referring to the concept of the collision between history and modernity, Jiang Yan series is definitely the best among them.

The more you eat, the more surprised you are.

Sanwei steamed Jiangyin white water fish is too big for the camera! Fresh from Jiangyin to Shanghai that day, only a super heavyweight physique of about 8 kg each can afford the triple blessing of chopped pepper, fresh green pepper and Hainan Golden pepper.

With freshly baked garlic bread, it can convert the fresh and sweet ocean and rich soy sauce into a crisp, especially addictive.

◆ century old buildings   “Zhu’s old house” witnessing the ups and downs of Shanghai and national rejuvenation  · 900 Chang’an Road – the former site of Yutong mill · in 1919, Zhu Youhong established Yutong flour mill on the former site·   Combining traditional folk houses in Jiangnan with popular western architectural elements·   It was an extremely advanced combination of Chinese and Western architectural style at that time ◆ crossing the Republic of China in one second    Strengthen the combination of Chinese and western, and present the new and old in the same space   After the transformation, there are two floors of dining space · a large number of malachite green and vermilion are interspersed to show elegance and calm · the color painted retro screen in the scattered area adds a sense of hierarchy and privacy · the private room is hung with old photos of the Republic of China, which is ready to go back to the 1920s and 1930s ·◆ multi-dimensional scene bar   Shanghai style petty bourgeoisie bar, starting with 19 limited cocktails  · Hidden in the first floor of Suhe River banquet·   The decoration and detail design are full of Shanghai style accent · mainly composed of more than 80 whiskies, niche RIWEI and singlemalt · led by the bar manager who used to work in Unico, whotel and FCC ◆ master chef   Led by Mr.

Just the secret sauce wrapped in treasure crab has to be boiled more than an hour in advance.

It’s very luxurious to listen to it alone.

▁▁▁▁▁▁ / / marble, leather sofa and antique chandelier are full of Shanghai style.

The entrance is cold, sour and sweet fruit fragrance will rise slowly, and finally fill the whole mouth.

In the new menu of Suhe River banquet, et Jun found the natural flavor of “four seasons change and don’t eat from time to time”.

Bend Loop

In fact, it is composed of preserved eggs, beef granules, streaky pork granules, scallops Shrimp…

All kinds of flavors jump out one after another to light up the tip of the tongue.

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The “Suhe River banquet” continued the consistent site selection principle, reconstructed the original site of the Zhu family’s old residence in old Shanghai, and reconstructed an architectural aesthetics integrating China and the West.

It is also supported by Wuchang rice in the northeast, and then decorated with black truffle slices…

The flavor level is not rich ~ lobster Mapo Tofu is attached with red oil, and a spoonful of Mapo Tofu looks pure.

Lifebaiwei uses vodka as the base wine, decorated with Kimberly, cucumber, plum blossom and black pepper.

Hong Kong Style crispy beef tongue · Sichuan chili noodles & Thai style sweet chili sauce ▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁.


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