Dismantling illegal buildings to boost high-quality development

Source: Huang Kun editor: Zhang Quan editor in charge: Zhang Lishen nuclear: he pengpeng..

A total of 6 illegal buildings were demolished, covering an area of about 1280 square meters.

In the next step, our bureau will continue to strengthen the work of dismantling violations, maintain the high-pressure situation of “two violations”, achieve the goal of “striking when unearthed and dismantling when exposed”, and escort the high-quality development of the store with a good environment.

Tianxing village and Guihua Village on the morning of January 19, more than 40 law enforcement members of Zengdu District Urban Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau, together with Hedian town urban construction office, land and resources office and village secretaries under their jurisdiction, went to Tianxing village and Guihua Village, a high-quality development demonstration area in Hedian town to demolish illegal buildings.

Living in a good environment can make our life happier.

After inquiry and investigation, there were no building procedures, so they were ordered to stop work on the spot and demolish the illegal construction, covering an area of about 110 square meters.

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Group 3 of Guihua Village on the morning of January 20, when the urban management and law enforcement team of Zengdu District inspected group 3 of Guihua Village, they found that the villagers were building new houses.

However, there are always some behaviors such as construction without approval, private construction and disorderly construction, which not only affect the cleanliness and beauty of the environment, but also have serious potential safety hazards! In this regard, Zengdu urban management firmly said to these acts: no! “Zero tolerance” in recent days, Zengdu District Urban Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau has continued to maintain the high-pressure situation of demolishing violations, assisted in the construction of Hedian high-quality development demonstration area, and ensured that “illegal construction is found, investigated and demolished at the first time”, with a total area of 1390 M2 demolished in Hedian high-quality development demonstration area.


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