Dialogue between architectural archives and Mao Daqing’s architectural process of “bell mouth style”

Because grandpa was a very prominent architect, even in the late Cultural Revolution and before the smashing of the gang of four Later, in 1977, he implemented the policy and returned to Beijing without any specific work to do.

At the same time, it also has a lot of aesthetic education.

I think it also attracts me.

most of the remaining buildings today are the buildings of the Republic of China by this generation of architects and foreign architects.

He left Shanghai for Beijing in 1951.

He first studied and studied “architecture” in Southeast University, then carried out “urban research” and secondary discovery in Tongji, and then established and constructed the values of “Humanities and economy” in Peking University.

he was also influenced by him in the professional field.

Billboard of China News Film Studio © The school spirit of Southeast University has laid a solid foundation for my major, and then gradually clarified the direction of the future.

Later, he also participated in various architectural designs of China News Film Studio, including the design of the plant.

Second, I think architecture involves the way to see the world from the historical dimension.

Moscow Restaurant © After that, Grandpa participated in the “top ten buildings” in Beijing with his old colleagues and predecessors At that time, my grandfather first participated in the overall planning of Tiananmen Square, which was one of the seven schemes in the overall planning.

Then my grandfather stayed in the Design Institute of the Ministry of construction of China.

U Bar Anchor

It was very fashionable and very important to have a meal in Moscow Restaurant in those years Fashionable, avant-garde and high-end, we still think it is a very interesting place today.

Most people who like architecture like to study architectural history..

In the early years, we called it the “Soviet exhibition hall” It was also called “Sino Soviet friendship building” Later, it was changed to the Beijing exhibition hall.

I see some urbanization problems sporadically, and I am a strong participant.

Choosing architecture should start a long time ago.

With his influence and growth, architecture has become my lifelong interest.

When I was a child, I followed him Grandpa had a lot of time.

At the intersection of Beitaipingzhuang, there was a large billboard of China News Film Studio, which often put some large billboards Movie posters were very rare at that time.

In fact, he was influenced by him very early, including painting, architectural design, art learning, sketching, etc.

At that time, there was no so-called we media, and many people didn’t even have TV, basically relying on newspapers and these big billboards.

What impressed him most was that he designed that very famous billboard.

Over the past 20 years, he has built many different types of “houses” from the perspective of developers.

Chen Zhi on many architectural design schemes at that time.

I still remember that at the gate of the new studio and the roadside of Beitaipingzhuang A large billboard on which all new films were displayed.

In my concept at that time, architecture was different from other science and engineering majors.

They are very historical architectural works and still play a great role today.

Today, many buildings still exist, which can be seen in his data collection.

Now I remember the attraction of architecture to me There may be several aspects.

The top ten buildings in New China: Figure 1 Great Hall of the people, figure 2 Beijing railway station, figure 3 National Hotel, figure 4 Beijing Workers’ Stadium, figure 5 China National Museum, Figure 6 national agricultural exhibition hall, Figure 7 National Culture Palace, figure 8 Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, figure 9 Chinese people’s Revolutionary Military Museum Figure 10 overseas Chinese building   © After the liberation of the Internet, most of these architects participated in the design of the “top ten buildings in New China”.

Then he participated in the design of the Great Hall of the people and was also one of the main designers of the Great Hall of the people.

I went to the Architecture Department of Southeast University in 1987.

My grandfather should be the first one to come to Beijing from Shanghai.

We can see that after the reform and opening up, including Xiafei road (middle Huaihai Road), Xujiahui, the Bund, etc.

In the stock period, he should reconstruct a new generation of continuation of spatial value between new cities and new villages.

At that time, I thought other science and engineering majors were boring, but architecture gave me a different feeling.

Grandpa was the first generation of architectural masters in New China, and most of the first generation were the first people to study in the United States.

Beijing Exhibition Hall © The picture source network also includes the old Mo Moscow Restaurant, which was later known by everyone.

“Looking back on the past 35 years, I have been tossing about something in architecture, from thinking about what an architect is? To what a city is? Returning to the main body of people, my growth is also accompanied by great changes in the city.

It was very conspicuous and could be seen by passers-by.

This building is very beautiful and has the characteristics of the Soviet Union, which reflects the artistic form of Soviet architecture at that time.

It is a subject with artistic attributes.

There were not only them in Shanghai, but also many internationally famous architects.

At that time, I was a department of architecture with my mind and wanted to learn architecture.

On the Chinese side, Dai Nianci and my grandfather Mao ziyao presided over the Chinese design and construction of the building From design to completion, it takes more than a year.

They were just restored in 1977 and 1978, so people knew a lot of new movies through the billboard.

After returning home, this group of foreign students established several Chinese own architects, including the largest Huagai architecture firm we all know today (Shanghai modern Huagai architectural design and Research Institute) My grandfather belongs to the group of young architects who grew up in the Huagai.

When I was admitted to the University, I applied for eight architecture departments at one go, and all the volunteers for the college entrance examination were architecture departments.

During the cultural revolution, my grandfather was transferred to Hengyang.

I grew up I like art, Chinese painting and sketch.

One aspect is that I think it is art.

there are also a group of young architects, that is, the so-called “Second Generation Architects” After coming out of the canopy, he naturally became a famous architect now.

Therefore, many large-scale public buildings in Hengyang, Hunan Province are also his works.

Oct.31 documentary with words and inspired by dialogue.

I just hope that no matter what the architecture is like and how fast the city iterates, I will not forget the city The city is a gathering place for people, not just a theater for architecture  ”- My grandfather is an excellent architect.

Since 2015, Youke workshop has focused on “sharing” in-depth research on the lifestyle of the new era.

At that time, Huagai gathered many famous Chinese architects, including the most famous architects in the early days of the founding of the people’s Republic of China For example, Liang Sicheng, Yang Tingbao, Chen Zhi, Zhao Shen, Zhang Kaiji, etc.

He worked with Mr.

This is the dialogue scene of architectural archives! Mao Daqing, founder / Director of Youke workshop, started the dialogue with Mao Daqing as an architect.

After coming to Beijing, he participated in the design of today’s Beijing Exhibition Hall outside Xizhimen.

Not only because it has become the internal core, but also because it carries the youth memory of a generation of Beijingers.

Later, he participated in the design of buildings such as the all China Women’s Federation building, the air force general hospital, the National Palace and the Beijing railway station Architects came to Beijing from all over the country and participated in the construction of Beijing after the founding of the people’s Republic of China, the design of ten major buildings and the design of many important buildings in Beijing.

When I was young, I knew my grandfather was a “big architect” In the 1920s and 1930s, I worked as an architect in Shanghai, so my family wanted me to inherit his major.

There were not so many so-called professional concepts when he was young, especially in our time.

The architects of China and the Soviet Union formed a joint design team, and the Soviet Union also sent several meritorious architects.

Tong Yu and Mr.


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