Detailed explanation of building electrical construction drawings ~ this time it’s all clear!

2、 Composition of electrical construction drawings (1) drawing catalogue and design description        Including drawing content, quantity, project overview, design basis and relevant matters not clearly expressed in the drawing.

Lighting system diagram fire protection system diagram power system diagram system diagram is mainly composed of power supply voltage, main switch, shunt switch, conductor specification, pipe threading specification, laying mode, circuit number and circuit capacity.

    (3) Grasp the key points of electrical construction drawings for reading     When reading the drawing, grasp the key points for reading, such as:     ① On the basis of clarifying the load level, understand the source, introduction mode and number of power supply;     ② Understand whether the power supply is introduced by outdoor low-voltage overhead or directly buried cable;       ③ Specify the phase sequence, path, pipeline laying position, laying method, model and number of conductors of each distribution circuit;        ④ Specify the plane installation position of electrical equipment and devices.

The electrical construction plan only reflects the plane layout of electrical equipment.

   ① Determine the equipment installation position, conductor laying mode, laying path and the position where the conductor passes through the wall or floor according to the electrical construction drawing;    ② Carry out the embedding of various embedded parts, wire pipes, junction boxes and protection pipes in combination with civil construction;        ③ Install insulation supports, clamps, etc., and lay conductors;        ④ Install lamps, switches, sockets and electrical equipment;        ⑤ Conduct conductor insulation test, inspection and power on test;        ⑥ Project acceptance.

Such as power supply and distribution system diagram of power transformation and distribution project, lighting system diagram of lighting project, cable TV system diagram, etc.

(4) When reading the building electrical engineering drawings, you should read the corresponding civil engineering drawings and other installation engineering drawings to understand the cooperation relationship between them.

     ⑦ See the installation wiring diagram    Understand the layout and wiring of electrical equipment.

     (2) All electrical circuits must form a closed loop.

It is an important reference for installation construction and preparation of engineering material plan.

Combined with the reading of civil construction drawings, you can also understand the three-dimensional layout of electrical equipment.

The plan can be read in the following order: power incoming main distribution box, trunk branch distribution box, electrical equipment.

       (5) Be familiar with the construction sequence and easy to read the electrical construction drawings.

After reading the system diagram and understanding the basic composition of the system, you can prepare the project budget and construction scheme according to the plan, and then organize the construction.

    (4) Read in combination with civil construction drawings      Electrical construction and civil construction are closely combined, and the cooperation between various types of work is often involved in the construction.

Specific drawings and detailed dimensions are marked on each part of the installed parts.

   (6) Installation wiring diagram       Including the layout and wiring of electrical equipment, it shall be read in comparison with the control schematic diagram for system wiring and adjustment.

   ① See the title block and drawing catalogue    Understand the project name, project content, design date, drawing content, quantity, etc.

   (7) Installation detail (detail)     The installation detail drawing is a drawing showing the installation method of electrical equipment in detail.

     ② See the design description    Understand the project overview, design basis, etc., and understand all relevant matters that are not clearly expressed in the drawings.

  The official account of WeChat: the platform for building hydropower knowledge platform is usually divided into: Lighting plane, power plane, fire plane, weak electric plane, lightning protection plane and ground plane.

Such as the source of power supply, power supply mode, voltage level, line laying mode, lightning protection and grounding, equipment installation height and installation mode, main technical data of the project, construction precautions, etc.

For common electrical engineering legends and text symbols, see the national standard for electrical graphic symbols.

      ⑤ Look at the floor plan    Such as lighting plan, lightning protection and grounding plan, etc.

Layout plan is one of the important drawings in electrical construction drawings, such as electrical equipment installation plan, lighting plan, lightning protection and grounding plan of substation and distribution station, which is used to represent the number, name, model and installation position of electrical equipment, starting point of line, laying position, laying mode, model, specification, number and pipe diameter of wires used.

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Composition of system diagram (4) layout plan    It is a supplement to the system diagram.

     (3) All kinds of equipment and components in the line are connected as a whole through wires.

WeChat official account: building hydropower knowledge platform three, electrical construction drawings reading method (1) familiar with electrical legend symbols, to clarify the legend, symbols represent the content.

The system diagram reflects the basic composition of the system, the connection between main electrical equipment and components, as well as their specifications, models and parameters.

(3) System diagram    It is a supplement to the plan.

These drawings have different purposes, but they are related and coordinated with each other..

      ③ Look at the equipment and material list    Understand the model, specification and quantity of equipment and materials used in the project.

It corresponds to the system diagram one by one and is an important part of guiding construction.

Lighting plane, power plane, fire protection plane, lightning protection plane and grounding plane are mainly composed of equipment, distribution box, connecting wire with equipment and circuit number (5) control schematic diagram       It includes the electrical control principle of all electrical equipment used in the system to guide the installation of electrical equipment and the commissioning and operation of control system.

       (5) Building electrical engineering drawings can not fully reflect the installation methods, quality requirements and technical requirements for use and maintenance of equipment.

It complements the plan and is an important part of guiding construction.

For example, when reading the distribution system diagram, lighting and socket plan, you should first understand the construction sequence of indoor wiring.

       (6) During reading, all drawings in the construction drawings shall be read in coordination          For a specific project, a distribution system diagram is required to illustrate the distribution relationship; In order to explain the specific installation position of electrical equipment and devices, a layout plan is required; In order to explain the working principle of the equipment, a control schematic diagram is required; Installation wiring diagram is required to show the connection relationship of components; In order to explain the characteristics and parameters of equipment and materials, a list of equipment and materials is required.

  Now let’s begin to summarize: I   Characteristics of electrical construction drawings (1) building electrical engineering drawings are mostly drawn by using unified graphic symbols and adding text symbols.

   ④ Look at the system diagram     Understand the basic composition of the system, the connection relationship between main electrical equipment and components, as well as their specifications, models and parameters, and master the composition of the system.

Understand the specification, model and quantity of electrical equipment, as well as the starting point, laying position, laying method and number of wires of the line.

The contents involved in electrical construction drawings are often different according to different functions of buildings, mainly including building power supply and distribution, power and lighting, lightning protection and grounding, building weak current, etc., to express different electrical design contents.

     (2) For a set of electrical construction drawings, it is generally necessary to read them in the following order, and then focus on some contents.

(2) List of main materials and equipment        Including the name, model, specification and quantity of various equipment and materials used in the project, which is one of the important basis for preparing the plan of purchasing equipment and materials.

      ⑧ See the installation detail drawing    Understand the specific installation methods of electrical equipment and the specific dimensions of installed components.

      ⑥ Look at the control schematic    Understand the electrical automatic control principle of electrical equipment in the system to guide equipment installation and commissioning.

Therefore, when reading drawings, refer to relevant atlas and specifications for installation methods, technical requirements and other issues.


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