[daily clock in, four masters of modernist architecture school] the first and second examinations of the history of external construction

The online construction network postgraduate entrance examination public welfare live broadcast course jhsh | construction software teaching department 2022 autumn | winter vacation construction software all-round class and software works collection class are scheduled to register in spring and autumn every year! One step to complete the counter attack of the second round examination, excellent works collection, excellent graduation design works, entry to the Design Institute, study abroad and skill improvement   Building efficient mapping & amp; Rhino& GH parameterization & amp; BIM architecture winter vacation all-round class is waiting for you to fight! Winter vacation training course consultation/    Contact brother nine  / .

Swivel Coupler 40mm

    The group provides free information platform for younger students and younger students preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, and answers questions related to the postgraduate entrance examination of Architecture: school selection planning, architectural quick questions, architectural theory, preliminary and retest, and adjustment! The postgraduate entrance examination students will regularly provide you with evaluation and analysis of construction quick questions and first-hand materials for free postgraduate entrance examination.


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