Customized construction safety reflective vest

    If you need more knowledge about tunnel, road and bridge, please pay attention to WeChat official account of “safety in construction of track Luqiao”..

The following is our ready-made QR code, which can be printed for you.

The cost is to add two pieces to the original price for each piece.

Customization hotline: wechat / Tel: 17882442420 construction vests above can be added and printed with two QR codes.

Magnet Recess Former

Price: 110 yuan / piece No.: 120128     Construction site management and safety supervision personnel mesh reflective vest material: mesh coated oxford cloth reflective material: bright silver reflective strip, small square printing bright silver reflective strip color: fluorescent yellow, all codes can carry and hang walkie talkie, plus your logo price: 180 yuan / piece statement: This article comes from the original of construction safety.

If you don’t have one yuan, the number is 120089     The rainproof reflective vest of the management personnel on the construction site can carry a walkie talkie and add your logo.


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