Cultural protection examination center: the “most” of modern representative buildings

Fragment protection is a kind of characteristic protection, which mainly protects the characteristic elements such as the main facade and typical internal parts of the building, while the rest of the building can be integrated with the new building.

The most commonly used methods are spraying, brushing and hanging bottle drip.

The splitting direction mostly intersects with the growth rings of wood.

Granite is one of the most widely used building stones, such as most building facades (Jinshan stone) along Zhongshan Road on the Bund of Shanghai.

The colonial urban planning of Russian style Harbin (1896-1920), Dalian (1896-1905) and German style Qingdao (1897-1914) moved from local urban areas to a complete city.

Epoxy resin is the most widely used crack bonding reinforcement material in construction engineering.

The most prominent examples are the party history and historical materials Museum and the Central Museum in Nanjing, as well as the campus planning and architecture of Wuhan University in 1928.

Broadly speaking, any polymer that can be used as raw material for plastic products is called resin.

Uneven thermal expansion and contraction is one of the main reasons for shell, powder, crack and falling off of surface materials.

In China, reinforced concrete structures were first used in buildings during the period of the Republic of China.

They are the most widely used materials and suitable for historical concrete repair.

It is also the earliest complete city built by planning in the history of modern urban planning in China.

The modernization characteristic of “top-down” makes the government policy and the governance direction of officials become one of the main driving forces of China’s modern social economy and urban development.

Shuttering Magnet

The seismic capacity of the bottom frame structure system depends on the worst capacity of the transition floor, the brick masonry house above the transition floor and the bottom frame seismic wall.

Replacement of concrete slab can maximize the durability and bearing capacity of concrete slab.

The application method is simple, convenient, efficient and can be constructed on the vertical plane.

Acrylic resin is the most used organic resin in the surface reinforcement of masonry materials.

The most commonly used bonding material is resin.

Reinforced concrete beam members are the most common structural members that need to be strengthened in modern reinforced concrete historical buildings.

This kind of ceiling is used under the building floor and roof truss.

Reinforced concrete is one of the most important materials in modern building construction.

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The most common composite material is architectural coatings.

Polymer modified (reinforced) cement-based repair agents (PCC, SPCC) sometimes add fiber materials to increase crack resistance and other properties.

The anti-corrosion works of building wood are generally at the maintenance site.

The technical practice of gray lath machete lime ceiling is the most common.

It is commonly known as plexiglass because of its high light transmittance.

The most commonly used water glass is sodium silicate water glass, potassium silicate water glass (PS material), lithium silicate water glass, etc.

Among various copper alloys, brass (copper zinc alloy) and bronze (copper tin alloy) are most commonly used.

Wood rot fungi cause the most serious harm to wood.

Splitting is most likely to occur at the end components and notches with concentrated stress in buildings.

In the construction of small brick and wood houses in modern times, the ceiling methods are mainly divided into two kinds: gray lath, machete, lime ceiling and wood ceiling.

In many cases, knots will reduce the mechanical properties of wood, have the greatest impact on the tensile strength along the grain, and have the least impact on the compressive strength along the grain.

This way not only makes maximum use of the historical and cultural tradition of the original building, but also gives play to its current use function.

Dry mixed repair mortar is the most used masonry repair material at present.

Copper alloys are characterized by high strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

The common methods include immersion, vacuum immersion, hot and cold tank, spraying, brushing, hanging bottle drip and pressurized injection.

The most important connection technology of steel roof truss in modern China is hot riveting technology.

“Carry forward the inherent culture of our country”, “the matching of colors is the most pleasing”, “the light and air are the most abundant” and “it has the function of expansion and expansion, which is conducive to phased construction”.

Since 1909, reinforced concrete frame structure has become one of the most important structural forms of important representative buildings in Shanghai and other places.

The classical chemical cleaning method is still one of the most simple and effective methods, but it is necessary to avoid cleaning with strong acid or alkali.

The most common materials of cultural relics buildings are natural stone and sintered clay bricks.

It is one of the most widely used cleaning methods.

Ambient temperature and humidity are the main reasons affecting concrete cracking and reinforcement corrosion.

Splitting refers to the wide cracks produced by wood fibers along the grain direction of wood.

The density of water is the largest at + 4 ℃, which is 1g / cm3, and the volume is the smallest.

The biggest problem of reinforced concrete structure system is its irreversibility and irreplaceable.


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