Creative blending of natural landscape and modern architectural expression | Nanjing Liuhe Baolong square

In the Ming Dynasty, Liuhe was known as “the barrier of the capital, the channel of Hebei and Shandong, the important military place and the giant town in the north of the Yangtze River”.

The project is about 1km away from Ninglian highway, and the geographical location is very superior.

The first floor is preset for fashion brands such as high fashion and cosmetics.

Powerlong Liuhe was established in Tangyi County in the 26th year of Emperor Qinshihuang (221 BC) and the 4th year of emperor kaihuang of Sui Dynasty (584).

Powerlong project is located in the core commercial section of Liuhe, adjacent to the district government and citizen center, with convenient surrounding transportation.

The third floor is preset for children’s retail, children’s entertainment, adult entertainment and other formats.

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There were primitive clan villages more than 10000 years ago, and the city was built more than 2000 years ago.

In terms of technique, through the cutting and stacking of the volume of the podium of the tower, a scroll type urban architectural landscape with overlapping mountains and staggered arrangement is created.

The county was renamed “Liuhe” because of its mountain name.

With the development of the times, people’s living environment and lifestyle have gradually changed.

6 road in the West and Xiongzhou road in the north.

On the basis of integrating the characteristics of local natural environment, the project design also adds prominent cultural elements.

Through the expression of Chinese traditional ink painting on mountains and rivers and overlapping stones, it reshapes and deduces the artistic conception of mountains and rivers in the city.

At the same time, the surrounding business atmosphere is strong, close to the three shopping centers of happy harbor, Wanda Plaza and Rongsheng Plaza, and there is Longhu Tianjie shopping center about 2km away from the southeast of the project to show the charm of the core business district.

The artistic conception of natural mountains and rivers and cultural considerations are injected into the project design, making Liuhe Baolong square a beautiful scenic spot in the regional center.

The fourth floor is preset for catering.

The design concept of “Liuhe mountain” organically integrates tradition and modernity.

The development and construction of Nanjing Liuhe Baolong Plaza is a beneficial exploration of Baolong real estate to innovate urban culture.

It is close to Xiongzhou station, the hub station of line 8 and line 14 in the northeast.

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Among them, the main commercial formats are main stores, retail, catering, children’s formats, fitness and entertainment, cinema, etc.

On the basis of unified planning of business layout, catering, shopping, entertainment, leisure and other business formats shall be reasonably dispersed, so that each floor has different but related functional business formats, combined with rich spatial layout, so as to improve consumers’ sense of experience as a whole.

The fifth floor is preset for catering, cinema, fitness and entertainment.

It is generally called Liuhe mountain because there are six peaks in Dingshan, including Hanshan mountain, lion, stone man, Shuangji, Furong and miaogao.

Each entrance of the facade forms a higher mountain shape, representing different peaks of Liuhe mountain and echoing the beauty of Liuhe mountain.

The ground floor is preset as boutique supermarket, catering and retail.

The inheritance and development of urban culture is not blindly conservative, but gradually introduce the old and bring forth the new, so that the culture can be better inherited from generation to generation.

The project uses advanced design concepts to build a multifunctional and efficient complex integrating commerce, office, catering, entertainment and transportation.

Liuhe was called Tangyi in ancient times.

The second floor is preset as clothing retail, main store and other business formats.

Rich and reasonable business layout will bring a new life experience to the region and create a different urban life center.

Baolong square, which stands on the ancient city, takes Liuhe natural environment as the design inspiration, injects local cultural characteristics, and creatively creates a new center of urban life.

Liuhe Baolong square is located in the core of Liuhe District, Nanjing.

With commerce to rejuvenate the city and culture to influence life, Baolong real estate will practice the corporate mission of “making space love” with consistent ingenuity to create a beautiful space for the city.

It is the gateway to the north of the Yangtze River in Nanjing, the main origin of the rain flower stone “a national treasure given by heaven and a unique feature of China”, and the birthplace of the Chinese folk song “Jasmine”.

The architectural facade of Liuhe Baolong square is designed with the beautiful peaks of Liuhe mountain as the inspiration.

The underground business of the project is directly connected to Xiongzhou station, with Liuhe Avenue in the East, Longchi road in the south, Guihua No.


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