[Course Design] architectural design course assignment exhibition of architecture 182, School of art, Nantong University

In the design, we give full play to our imagination and innovation, and explore and create deep-seated problems such as local culture, living mode and ecological environment.

Spreadtrum introduced that Shao Yaohui, the instructor of 182 teaching class architecture, the organizer of the Teaching Committee of the school of art of Nantong University, the organizer of the Academic Affairs Office of the school of art of Nantong University, and the Department of architecture of the school of art of Nantong University, said that “there should be some empirical connection, a metaphysical connection and a poetic connection between architecture and the base.” — Steven Holl, therefore, in this course design, we tried the overall planning and design of the base for the first time.

Early field research and case analysis have deepened our understanding of residential planning and design, and further deepened the conceptual design of residential units.

Exhibition of works (in no order) Chen Simai.

Fixing Socket Waved End Nail Plate

Unified planning, reasonable layout and local conditions, pay attention to the rationality of the space conception of the whole community and the layout of group and single buildings, create a good neighborhood communication space and give people a sense of belonging to go home.


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