Continue to guard photovoltaic (wind building light)

Methanol vehicles are brought into the unified management of the national automobile industry, which has multiple advantages.

Needless to say in the morning, yesterday’s resumption suggested that it was clear that it was optimistic about photovoltaic buildings, tuorixinneng, Dongxu blue sky, titanium dioxide and Tianyuan shares.

Daikin heavy industry: the third board hit popularity and switched the main line of the battlefield, You can continue to watch the new energy of the Fourth Board: it is definitely the most positive rhythm of the second board without the top word.

In terms of wind energy, Jiangsu Xinneng Shuangyi technology needs to pay special attention and plans to continue trading with photovoltaic as the focus in the morning;..

The uncertainty of raw material supply was superimposed on the strong purchase demand, and the cobalt price hit the bottom and rebounded.

Everyone in the Jianghu calls me “Fang Shen”.

The upward pressure level was 3677.53, the high point on September 15, the strong pressure level was 3723.85, the lower support level was 3638.32, and the strong support level was 3615.14, the low point on September 15.

I prefer to call myself “new Xia”.

They are accustomed to the doubling of the monthly income.

Taking advantage of the evil spirit of the hot connected board, Hanjia design: as a photovoltaic building 20cm, there are still two boards expected in the morning.

The waves of the Yangtze River have been washed away, and the waves have been killing heroes, chivalrous men and leaders.

They are tired of the fluctuations in the market value of millions of millions of millions of dollars.

The daily output of crude steel fell to a new low of 17 months, and the gross profit per ton of steel continued to expand.

Lifting Anchor

The focus is still the leading position.

Pre session news: US stocks closed higher, with Dow Jones closing up 0.68%, S & P closing up 0.85% and Nasdaq closing up 0.82%.

Ready to do boldly what is righteous, and the official account of the dragon boat market is getting worse.

  Popular stocks set the goal and important emotional target of the world’s connected board: Qingshuiyuan: yesterday prompted that popularity has risen.

Dongxu Lantian: although it is an assist, it still has the strongest momentum of the second board-   Early trading ideas  – In the market, focus on the gains and losses of the 5th line.


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