Construction qualification transfer precautions, these points must not be ignored!

Are there many precautions for qualification transfer change? There are many items to be changed in qualification transfer, including business license change, tax change, qualification change, bank account change, work safety license change, etc., depending on the specific situation.

However, in fact, the qualification transferor also has many risks that need to be avoided.

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These two points are very important and affect the reputation and development of enterprises.

Remedy: if the transfer of construction qualification is not passed for the first time, there are still remedies.

Then, how can we effectively avoid the risk of qualification transfer? 1.

You can log in to the “national enterprise credit information publicity system” for query.


For the treatment of debt problems, we must be clear in the contract, so it is more secure.

(2) The debts that should be recovered by the enterprise shall be recovered, and the debts and claims shall be cleared.


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Is it necessary to investigate the debt situation of the transferring company? If the company is acquired together, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the target company has debt problems.


Qualification transfer is divided into two cases, one is overall transfer, the other is stripping transfer.


Is the qualification of the transfer company complete? It is necessary to acquire a qualified company with complete certificates, including business license, qualification certificate, work safety license, and even personnel certificates, which should be carefully checked.

Divestiture and transfer refers to the establishment of a new subsidiary to divest the qualification from the past, and the acquirer obtains the separated construction qualification.

The transfer enterprise needs to pay attention to: (1) the enterprise needs to complete the existing engineering projects, and the future engineering projects will no longer use the company’s qualification for construction.

(3) The transferring enterprise needs to publicize the qualification information: this qualification company has been transferred and has nothing to do with itself in the future.

Overall transfer means that both parties sign an agreement to directly spend money to acquire a qualified company and change it as a whole.

It is best to hire a lawyer to conduct due diligence, or an accounting firm to assist.

On the other hand, understand the company’s past performance and projects under construction, and whether there have been quality problems and safety accidents.

How to understand the operation of the transfer company? On the one hand, query whether the company has received corresponding administrative punishment, whether it is included in the list of abnormal operation, whether it has committed illegal and dishonest acts, etc.


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