(construction) it has been built for 136 years and is finally going to be completed!! as a result, it was revealed that it was “illegal

170 meter tall tower, colorful mosaic decoration, spiral stairs, lifelike statues growing from the wall…

Each facade has 4 minarets, and 12 minarets symbolize the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ; 4 majestic bell towers dedicated to 4 Gospels authors; Two huge dome like circular vaults dedicated to the virgin and the son.

When it comes to the “uncompleted project”, most people sigh for a while.

It hasn’t been completed.

The overall design is inspired by nature, such as caves, flowers, mountains, animals, etc.

It is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

Shengjiatang is crying faintly in the toilet.

The sun shines through colored glazed windows of different shapes and is projected on the ground.

All kinds of penalties.

The Holy Family cathedral was built by Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi Designed by Antonio Gaudi (June 25, 1852 – June 10, 1926), he is a representative of the plastic architecture school and belongs to the modernist architectural style.

As a result, you still fined others.

In fact, the construction of the Holy Family cathedral has been controversial for many years: some people question Gaudi’s own design; the construction after Gaudi’s death may be contrary to Gaudi Di’s design intent; And the construction of high-speed railway underground tunnel between Spain and France may affect the stability of the church, etc.

It is officially announced that it is expected to be completed in 2026, the centennial anniversary of Gaudi’s death.

Gaudi spent 43 years of his life on the design of the church, Until the age of 73 When (1926) died, the church was only less than a quarter completed, and it has been built for 134 years now!! at present, the Holy Family Church has been completed for 70%.

For more than 100 years, he has never obtained the permission of the municipal government.

Later, Gaudi took over the project in 1883 and built it in his own architectural design style, Gothic and Art Nouveau style.

The original design drawings of the church were changed after Gaudi took over, and the land occupation is no longer the same as the original.

The three facades have their own design concepts, including the birth of Jesus, the universal Gospel and the crucifixion of Christ.

Here you can feel the avant-garde architectural style of the Holy Family cathedral.

Gaudi once said, “straight lines belong to human beings, while curves belong to God.” The design of the Holy Family cathedral has no straight line and plane at all, but a rhythmic and dynamic building composed of various changes of spiral, cone, hyperbola and parabola.

The original square tower of the church was changed into a round tower and increased to 18.

In November 2010, Pope Benedict XVI declared the church a pontifical temple.

Stone pillars shaped like palm trees rose from the ground, carved joints like trunk, and “leaves” and “flowers” on the top of the tree covered the ceiling.

Towering spires, seemingly messy layout, ghost decoration, cold stones in the sun…

You can’t forget it at a glance.

Will it be judged to damage cultural relics? Pure black fish: shengjiatang had no money, and the ticket money was used to build it.

They represent Jesus’ 12 disciples, 4 apostles and the Virgin Mary, and the highest spire in the center symbolizes Jesus.

However, in the Holy Family Cathedral, even if it has not been completed for a century, it is still called pride and miracle by local people, and tourists’ evaluation of it is also “God’s masterpiece”.

Which star who plays in Spain is not killed Bark of tree root: or dismantle it.

Therefore, the municipal government issued a fine of 36 million euros (about 280 million yuan) and asked it to be paid in 10 years.

The Holy Family cathedral was built in 1882.

In front of such a grand art, any language looks pale.

The Holy Family Church has three facades: East, West and south.

It is a cathedral with “nature” as the theme element.

Lao Wang next door: Gao Di wants to hit someone Disclaimer unless specifically stated, the content contained in this station is from the Internet, WeChat official account and other channels, does not represent the views of this station, for reference purposes only, for the purpose of communication..

The Holy Family cathedral is the only building in the world that has not been completed and is listed as a world cultural heritage.

Gaudi metaphorically designed the three facades of the church to symbolize the three stages of Jesus’ life: birth, suffering and resurrection.

Stepping into it is like entering a lush tropical rain forest.

Antonio Gaudi is called a “madman” with amazing talent ——Ragged, silent and lonely, no history of gossip and ruthlessness, and hardly enjoy any earthly fun, including music, sports, social networking, women He only indulged in two things in his life: observing nature and reproducing nature with architecture as the carrier.

Every detail is amazing, and every beam of light is just fascinating.

In October 2018, it was exposed and did not obtain a license from the Barcelona municipal government.

He has designed many works, mainly including Guel Park, Mira apartment, bartro apartment, etc.

Cast In Loop

The whole church changes with strange light, which makes people marvel.

There is a unique cave inside the church.

The tallest tower can reach 172.5 meters and will become the highest point in Barcelona.

ZF this wave of operation 666! Du Wuyu: come on, Spain has no money.

Netizen comments: pocket of painting style: earned a total of 41 million US dollars in 130 years, and then was fined all at once.

However, it has become the landmark of Barcelona with its unique image.


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