[construction information] Why did the application for construction qualification fail? One minute to help you understand the reasons for

We know that the first item in the qualification standard is the enterprise registration fund.

Having a qualification certificate means that the enterprise can carry out the construction of corresponding projects.

However, enterprises face the risk of failure in applying for qualification certificates by themselves, so why does the enterprise fail in handling construction qualification? What are the reasons for failure? The first problem of the enterprise itself is the enterprise itself.

Therefore, the enterprise should have a detailed understanding of the qualification to be applied for, so as to be targeted according to the enterprise’s situation and improve the success rate of the enterprise’s application for qualification, rather than plunge into the qualification process and finally lead to the failure of the qualification process…

Many enterprises fail to upgrade their qualifications because of enterprise performance problems.

The insufficient number of constructors is one of the main reasons why enterprises fail to apply for qualification.

As for the problem of enterprise performance, this new enterprise generally does not encounter it, because the new enterprise does not need performance to apply for the lowest level qualification, but the qualification upgrade needs enterprise performance.

If the enterprise does not pay attention to keeping the relevant performance of the enterprise at ordinary times, it will lead to lack of performance and errors, It will directly affect the qualification handling of enterprises, and may even lead to failure.

When applying for qualification, the payment of personnel social security is also a very important indicator, and this situation will be reviewed.

The higher the qualification certificate, the stronger the enterprise has.

In addition to paying attention to the above problems, the most important thing for enterprises is the qualification application materials.

There is also the issue of personnel social security.

Therefore, enterprises should pay the specified social security for personnel, especially affiliated personnel.

If the enterprise’s materials are missing or other aspects do not meet the requirements, it is likely to affect the qualification application.

There are special requirements for material grouping.

The qualification application materials shall be prepared according to the qualification standards, including comprehensive data, personnel data and project performance data, which shall be bound and grouped in order.

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The enterprise should also find out the specific conditions of the qualification to be applied for.

Different qualifications have different requirements and quantity for enterprise personnel, especially the number of constructors.

If the registration fund is registered too late, it is likely that it will not pass the declaration at the beginning, so the enterprise should prepare the enterprise registration fund in advance.

Enterprise personnel problem enterprise personnel problem.

The qualification categories are different, some are very close, and others are easy to get confused.

We know that the qualification certificate is a necessary certificate for a construction enterprise.

The qualification certificate is also the external expression of the enterprise’s strength.


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