[construction information] is it really harmful to borrow the qualification for building construction?

All kinds of costs lead to improper expenses of about 10% of the project cost.


There is nothing more serious than this.

As long as you hang your name on the construction site, you don’t have to go to the site.

What if you want to make money in this case? Only fewer processes and less material management will lead to safety accidents or quality accidents.

Generally, it will not fall down, but such phenomena as water leakage, cracks, peeling and hollowing are normal.

This vicious development is bound to make the whole construction industry unable to grow healthily, and there will be many speculative companies to obtain benefits.

Everyone has to eat and raise a group of people.

This is a disease and can be cured.

We should strive to eliminate this phenomenon! 01 why do the above situations occur when the project quality is not guaranteed, the construction is not carried out according to the design drawings and specifications? Because affiliation costs, bidding costs, and relationship costs.

What if you go to the site? For example, if you meet a boss who doesn’t know a few big words and is rude and unreasonable, the project manager is pedantic in his eyes, that is, he can only act according to books, and he will do things with his experience.

03 affiliation will lead to the lack of experience of construction practitioners, the decline of management ability and the failure to improve their level, because affiliation only requires nominal positions such as project manager, constructor, safety officer and documenter.

In order to rely on the business, the management expenses are reduced, resulting in no food for anyone in the end.

It is hoped that the relevant departments will standardize the construction industry as soon as possible, make the bidding impeccable, let all professionals really play a role, let the leaders have less power, let all the moths harmful to social progress disappear, and improve the comprehensive quality of the Chinese people to a new level.

02 it affects the healthy development of the construction industry and makes the construction companies compete maliciously.

If the project manager doesn’t agree, he can change you, and the managers have no management power, then the project is out of control and the house is dangerous, This quality is certainly not guaranteed.

Nachuan group will talk about affiliation from the following points, hoping to attract the attention of our younger generation.

Some companies may go bankrupt and the leaders are full.

Steel Chamfer

In such an environment, managers are unqualified, lazy, numb and extremely dangerous.

The harm of the latest information affiliation is particularly serious.


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