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The project address is near Wenzhou Road, Jiaozhou, Qingdao.

Heze Tianrun mansion recruits an intern and 15253045480.

As long as he is practical and willing to work, the salary is negotiable or contacted by telephone all the year round   15066371666 high.

Comprehensive salary: 3500-5000; Location: Luoyang City welfare benefits: including board and lodging, 4 days off per month, Tel.: 15639718060 wechat synchronization   Recruitment of construction technician work location: Xinzheng airport work content: Airport drainage ditch construction salary: 8000-9000 contact person: President Chen 13598028456          President Zhang 18539574956 – recruitment of talents for GAODA construction management company – (1) 5 department managers (Human Resources Department, supervision department, business department, bidding agency department and cost department) requirements: college degree or above, with relevant management experience (2) 10 directors, housing construction, municipal administration, civil air defense, electromechanical and electrical cabinet requirements: college degree or above, with relevant management project experience (3) There are 10 representatives of the director and 10 special supervisors.

If I want to find a job as a safety supervisor or safety officer in or around Zhengzhou, I’d better just take care of the site   Monthly salary is required   Contact number: 15560233566.

I have a safety officer C certificate.

Strong on-site organization and coordination ability and on-site pre control ability; 6.

Zhang) mobile phone: 15098350837 Dongming municipal project recruitment: 1 project manager Requirements: 1 technical chief engineer with more than 5 years of working experience as a municipal project manager Requirements: 1.

It is best to treat fellow villagers in Shandong province or Heze area: including food and accommodation, five insurances and one fund, and paid vacation.

Talk about the treatment by telephone.

The project’s residents in wangshe, Jinan are preferred.

Those who hold a variety of registration certificates, and the registered major is housing construction engineering, municipal public engineering and senior professional title are preferred; 3.

It requires more than five years of working experience, Tel: 15865666440 Heze Qinhai xingfuli project recruitment: 2 on-site hydropower installation engineers.

Welcome to recommend municipal constructors, mainly roads and pipelines, and new rural construction in Zhengzhou.

Tel: 1355319265513046007666.

Municipal roads and Road, bridge and beam technical chief engineer post 2.

13954053690 recruitment documenter: project location, For subgrade, excavation and filling survey data of Chengping Expressway in Xinglong County, Chengde City, Hebei Province, contact person: General Manager Zhang 15760588123, looking for a technician at the construction site of Heze Renmin Road, asking for GPS and detailed salary.

The telephone number is 13335128927.

Manager Li’s company recruitment notice: now, due to the needs of enterprise business development, we are looking for the following personnel: general agent engineer, registered supervision engineer and installation supervision engineer.

Job requirements: 1.

Job content: enthusiastic, pursuing, sharp thinking and active in architecture; Serious and responsible working attitude and good professional ethics.

Experience in housing construction is preferred.

There is tea money.

Salary telephone: 15953004057 recruitment, looking for chiseling, smashing stairs, contract work, Qian Kuai in the center of Heze, contact number, 19953005533, whether there are electricians in the group, on-site temporary power maintenance, if you have time, contact me at 15140188861, 20 years of working experience in applying for a carpentry substitute, Tel.

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Jining high tech Zone recruits an on-site manager, Tel.: 13964988790.

Job content: have good construction management ability and organization and coordination ability, Planning and scheduling ability, safety and quality management ability, country garden experience is preferred.


Comprehensive salary: 7000-10000 building number, 5000-8000 constructors; Job title: Construction intern, actual measurement intern.

Liu recruitment: job Title: 2 building managers and 5 constructors.

Base: Anyang, Henan province or Zhengzhou Tel: 13783878308 (same wechat number).

The management, accommodation and salary are negotiable.

The construction site is in Changqing company in Changqing District, Jinan.

Heze Mudan District recruits a building manager.

Have more than 2 working experience in the same position in engineering, more than 5 years of on-site experience in project supervision, more than 3 years of experience in general engineering supervision, and have certain management experience, under the age of 50.

has recruited interns, apprentices, carpenters, reinforcement workers, bricklayers and small workers on the construction site for many years.

1332372426 (same wechat number).

Qingdao Xiongshi recruits 2 Civil constructors, working in Huangdao.

Do you have a professional highway slope protection team? Contact me 15315688835 Jining Weishan pipeline to find a technician   15753062255 looking for a job.

Please contact manager Zhang 18865061369.

If you need to build a shelf, please contact 13793005593.

Manager Guo Jining recruits an intern technician, Tel.: 15725911567 Lu manager recruits constructors and quality inspectors for new projects in Dezhou City, Technicians and safety officers are required to be under the age of 50, preferably those around Dezhou.

College degree or above, major in industrial and civil construction, electromechanical installation, municipal, electric power and engineering..

I want to find a technician in Weifang.

Shandong Huihong construction services Co., Ltd.

I have two years of working experience.

Housing construction, municipal administration, civil air defense, electromechanical, electrical, communication and other requirements: healthy, under 60 years old, healthy, with relevant management project experience, special supervision certificate is preferred.

Recruit a technician.

Be honest and fair, have good professional quality, be healthy and hard-working; Job requirements for supervisor and intern: 1.

The salary is paid monthly and the social security is paid.

Contact number: 0530224444 civil engineering technician, with 10 years of working experience, skilled use of CAD, Guanglianda and other software, various surveying and mapping instruments, on-site technical guidance and preparation of construction scheme, Looking for a technician with a monthly salary of 15K, contact 17339561398   I am 55 years old and have been engaged in safety management for 10 years.

Requirements: college degree, relevant major and relevant working experience are preferred; Address: Qinhai xingfuli project department, Mudan South Road, Mudan District Tel.: 0530-6228768 (Ms.

Jiaxiang recruits a skilled or two knife technical constructor.

Elephant Foot Ferrule

They need to be proficient.

College degree or above, major in industrial and civil construction, electromechanical installation, municipal, electric power and engineering; Work seriously and solidly, with strong communication and coordination ability and team cooperation consciousness; 2.

Detailed treatment, manager Guo: 15076578666 Hello, Brother Guo   Help send a message   Is there a single county on the construction site   18210098152 recruit a civil engineering budgeter and two technicians.

Hold the national registered supervision engineer certificate and can be transferred to our company.

Is there a brother planted with steel bars here in Yucheng 18765791733, If yes, please contact 15005305322 to apply for a job: I have more than 20 years of construction experience and apply for the position of production manager 13158611234 to apply for a job.

Be familiar with various specifications and standards of national engineering construction, familiar with supervision work contents and processes, and master supervision procedures and requirements; 5.

I want to find a technician near Heze.

Party A’s unit, the project volume is 700000 m3, and the construction is expected to be 6-7 years.

The salary is favorable, and the telephone number is 15539380099.

Tel.: 13020628229.



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