Construction electrician master recruitment, construction electrician master? How much does the master know? (26898)




You can’t stay by Mu Li’s side…

There are workers, teams, teams, general subcontractors, building electrician Group, building electrician group chat, building electrician, building electrician wechat group, building electrician exchange group, building engineering electrician recruitment, building temporary power group, building electrician Group job search, electrician exchange group, high voltage power group and low voltage power group, The electricians and the men who fell to the ground only felt that the bones of their whole body were broken and couldn’t help swearing.


Welcome to join the group, exchange construction experience and win-win cooperation.



Otherwise, there will be a high probability of being possessed.

She didn’t know exactly what means the coquettish woman used to buy the hearts of all the men left in the team and let them drive her out of the team…

Theindifferentlistenerinhisvoiceiscoldinhisheart,”Sinceyoudon’twantyourhand,don’twantit.” HelightlysweptthetwopeoplestandinginbrotherChen.

Brother Chen couldn’t help crying.

If you become a devil, you will fall into the devil’s world.

And she deliberately rolled up her sleeves to show him the scars on her arm caused by brother Chen? Luo Yushan was puzzled.

At present, 100000 + people have paid attention to joining our — Click.

Normal people should have some compassion for her situation…

Shi Yi raised his eyelashes and showed some impatience on his delicate and indifferent cheeks.


As a saccharin, she can’t be stained with blood.

Bend Loop

But it’s very angry if you can’t teach people a lesson.

“Miss Luo, so what do you mean by saying these now?” Luo Yushan has some stems.

Shi Yi’s beautiful ink pupil is full of ridicule.

Construction electrician master recruitment, construction electrician master? How much does the master know? (26898) welcome all friends from the construction electrician industry to join the group, which is convenient for everyone to find jobs, teams, subcontractors and companies.

She had no idea that she would get such a cold answer.

Su Tang’s cheeks bulged, and the whole person looked angry.

Thinking of this, Su Tang kicked the man who fell to the ground several times.




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