Construction aluminum molder: before standing straight, there was another sharp pain in knee bending. He fell down again

I fell down again.

Everyone saw that there were some evil doors.

Don’t dirty my place.” Zheng hainiang struggled to sit up and stared at the closed door with shame and anger.

Gu shenpo glanced proudly at Mu Yunhan and turned away.

They all put out their laughter and stepped back nervously.

Gu shenpo came slowly with a stiff face and said faintly, “from now on, whoever dares to go to mu’er’s house to find trouble is to have a hard time with my Gu family.” it turned out that Gu shenpo shot, and the people were very afraid to step back a few steps.

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“It’s all gone.” grandma Gu waved her hand smartly, and the people scattered.

Lifting Socket

Once upon a time, when mu’er was still alive, Mu’s second house was very rich, with broad fields and houses.

Zheng Hai is the only one in her family.

Mu Yunhan led mu’an into the door and left a sentence: “scholar’s mother, remember to clean the door of my house when you leave.

She looked down on Mu Er Niang’s family in her heart.

Mu’er also had skills, broad friends and face.

You know, there is no scholar in Shoushan town.

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Mu Yunhan thought for a moment and smiled.

Gu Jia is really strong and mysterious.

I haven’t stood up straight yet.

Everyone says that Zheng Hai will be a senior official and honor his family in the future.

My knee is in sharp pain again.

She had come with high spirits.


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